With Mailpro you can integrate your application, ecommerce or website through SMTP or API.  Which one you decide to use depends on your needs, which is more convenient for you, and on the amount of money you would like to invest in coding. We will try to guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of each in this article.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and is a set of rules used to send emails. With Mailpro's SMTP Relay Server, first, your will connect your software to our SMTP Server and we will then send your emails from our own infrastructure (with its outstanding IP reputation), a Tracking system if required, and much more.

Basically the SMTP will allow you to create and send emails from your application and send them to the server, while an API gives access to the applications through code.

First, let’s begin with the advantages of SMTP

Some of the advantages of SMTP compared to API are:

  1. No Coding required: It is extremely easy to start using Mailpro for your transactional emails. All you have to do is exchange credentials and you are set to go.  Unlike with API, where Coding is required.
  2. Connect to all Systems: all you have to do is use your credentials and it will work.
  3. In case of failure, the message will include an explanation about why the email failed to be delivered.

Disadvantages of SMTP

  • Usually requires more back and forth conversation between servers in order to deliver your message, which can delay sending and also increase the chances of the message not being delivered.
  • Some firewalls can block ports commonly used with SMTP.

Advantages of the Email API

API, on the other hand, stands for Application Programing Interface, and is a way in which applications, and softwares communicate or share information between each other.

  1. API’s in general have a way quicker delivery speed as there is less back and forth required between servers.
  2. Less Chances for the Potential Failure of your message.
  3. Extra level of security with API Key, that only your website, application or platform can access.
  4. API’s are accepted by most firewalls when using HTTP.

Email API disadvantages

  1. You need programming knowledge to configure and execute the shipments.
  2. API requires constant modifications and updates stay up to date.

The SMTP Relay Service can be used to connect applications, such as Outlook or your current CRM Software, while APIs are usually used by people developing their own application.

Which is better SMTP or API?

This question varies according to the needs of your brand and your technological experience. If you consider yourself as having enough knowledge in programming, the use of API will be the most attractive option, since it offers you the possibility to customize and modify the configuration so that it fits your needs.

If you are looking to integrate the sending of emails to your platforms without the need to apply any code, SMTP is your solution. In addition to the simplicity of its execution, the Mailpro SMTP Relay service gives you access to the metrics of every messages delivered.

The objective of both functions is the same; linking your applications to send your transactional messages. SMTP is a universally used standard mail protocol that can be connected to applications such as CRM. The API is used mainly by developers who create their own applications.

You’re using either SMTP or API depends completely on your needs, and also on the capacity of your application, website or e-commerce.

As you can see, there are two advantages and disadvantages between both functionalities; the SMTP protocol allows you to integrate in a simple way by following a few steps, but if you are looking to safely process highly confidential information through email, the key provided by the API may be your solution.

Get more information on how to integrate Mailpro to your e-commerce site and website with the new features.

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