Summer has arrived! It is possible that you are planning to give your subscribers a break and vary your email marketing strategy for summer. But, we must tell you that you should not overlook this season and continue communicating and maintain contact with your customers with updates and fresh offers related to the season.

Do not lose sight of your client this summer

In order that your email marketing campaigns do not go unnoticed during the summer, we have some tips to highlight your message during this holiday season.

Create email campaigns considering mobile devices

No matter the destination, we will always have a smartphone in hand. This gives users the freedom to check their email from anywhere and at any time. So when you’re planning the summer email marketing campaign, the first thing you should keep in mind is the responsive design of your newsletter.

The use of mobile phones to check the inboxes is increasingly evident, so it is important to adapt your emails to the format so that it is comfortable to read on small screens.

Bet on cool designs

Adapt your design to the season using fresh colors and simple designs. You can choose amongst the various free templates we have in our gallery. If you are going to promote offers for your products for the summer season, take advantage of the occasion and show them in creative and different ways. Play with colors, shapes and designs.. It's time to dare to look different.

Make your contacts feel special

Even if your recipient has shown less activity, do not miss the opportunity to send a message that makes them feel unique. Make sure you personalize each message, both in the subject line and in its content. Remember how important it is to make the reader feel that you know their tastes and needs. Take a little time to study your client's behavior through statistics and know which products have attracted the most attention or compare it with campaigns from previous years and compare the effectiveness of the messages.

Season of offers and promotions

Get out of your comfort zone, launch a unique and fun offer or promotion. It's the perfect season for those long-awaited sales. We all love getting deals, so take advantage of this to create a strategy that includes content that catches the attention of your target audience. Bet on flashy and attractive designs, but without over saturating the customer. Be direct and clear in what you seek to transmit.

Short and direct messages

During the holiday season, what we are most interested in is enjoying free time. Be sure to send messages that contain relevant and direct content. If your client decides to check their inbox in the middle of their vacation, rest assured that it will not be to read paragraphs and paragraphs of text. They’re sure instead, to quickly scan through your emails and this is where they will choose among those that contain the most precise and direct messages. The best thing to do is tell them what you need in a short, easily readable message. Keep a proportional balance between images and text.

It is worth reducing the frequency of sending

Do not waste sending campaigns every week, it is possible that your readers are less locked to their emails during the summer, so it is valid to reduce the frequency of sending. This is beneficial as it will allow you to plan the most appropriate content and design for your client.

Apply persuasion techniques

Put into practice writing persuasive texts to include in your message; be it a short story in Storytelling format or paragraphs using copywriting techniques. Remember that you have to put a lot of thought behind the message that will go in your subject line, as you’re looking to send an attractive message to the client that makes him stop and open it. Do not forget to use dynamic fields to customize the subject and be much more direct with your message.

Take advantage of the good weather and the summer season, applying some adjustments and techniques to your campaigns that will garner positive results. Optimize your time using predesigned templates like the ones we have in Mailpro. Using the professional email marketing software, you can easily customize your email marketing strategy for summer.

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