Email is the core of the marketing channel for all sizes and shapes of brands. Email is contributing factor in organizational growth and marketing success. The email marketing campaign statistics let you determine if you can focus your efforts when creating your email strategy. When tracking email marketing ROI, there are several factors to considers. In fact, email marketing results, as well as practices, vary based on numerous factors. Starting from the day and time of the week to your email subject line, all factors determine if the emails you’ve sent are opened and drive the desired action. Undoubtedly, when implementing a strategy to convey, engage, nurture, and capture prospects, the one-size-fits-all approach work seldomly. 


Email Marketing Metrics to Study

Each email marketing metric tells something different about emails and how successful they were to drive a particular action. The following is a breakdown of each metric, tips for improving these metrics, and the average rate of Email users.


  • Open Rate


This shows how often the recipients open your emails. Unless the emails are opened, action can’t be taken, which is the crucial email marketing metric. In order to improve open rates, you should know that these depend on brand awareness, building trust with your subscribers, and your email subject line. However, the only way to build trust is when your audience feels that you consistently deliver value. So, it is important to offer something your audience needs. Make sure your email subject line is short, crisp, and sweet. Also, ensure it tells your audience what the email is all about. 


  • Click Rate


Click rate shows you the total amount of your sent emails that have actually generated click. This metric is crucial because your main aim to send emails is to motivate action. You want the recipients to set up a demo, download your whitepaper, and fill out your survey. You need to ensure you have segmented your lists based on key indicatory such as the industry where your prospects are in site behavior and customer journey. Moreover, these indicators will tell you more about your prospects so you can send them offers.


  • Unsubscribe Rate


This is referred to a rate at which people choose to opt out of receiving your emails. Many people unsubscribe themselves from your email list and they are difficult to win back. In order to improve unsubscribe rate, you need to ensure that you are not inundating your prospects with messaging. The more emails they receive, the more likely they will get irritated and unsubscribe. So, make sure you are providing them value in their email. 

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