Within digital marketing, sending emails can be considered as one of the most important and direct communication channels with customers. It handles very personal information of the users so it must be watched with the utmost care.

The data security in email marketing is a very important point, it is not only about creating successful campaigns, at the same time it is important to protect the reputation of your brand and protect your users from falling into possible scams or cyber-attacks. There are many hours spent on websites and social networks and sometimes this information does not end in good hands.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the data you leave on the internet, every time you browse by entering your name, address or leaving your email?The data security in email marketing is a very important point, it is not only about creating successful campaigns, at the same time it is important to protect the reputation of your brand and protect your users from falling into possible scams or cyber-attacks.

Every email marketing platform must ensure that your data and those of your customers are safe and that only those authorized can access them. If someone accesses your data, it is like accessing the privacy of your business, data protection laws are different in all countries and when choosing an email marketing software it is extremely important that you are committed to the protection of your data.

Private and secure Data

There are already laws that regulate the use of personal data through digital platforms, to which emails do not escape. In particular, some of these are focused on combating spam, that message that could reach our inboxes without being requested. Countries such as France, consider these types of messages as fraud and have special restrictions in some other countries. All this to ensure respect for users and of course good practices when using email marketing.

Agreements formalized by countries or transnational political entities establish parameters that must be met either locally, as is the case of the European Union, as well as internationally, as is the case of the European data protection regulation (GDPR). Approved in 2016, it creates the current standards regarding data security for EU member states. As well as any European or non-European company, organization, association or public or private administration with clients in the EU to collect only mandatory and relevant data for the development of their activities, these rules must be complied with as of May 25, 2018.

This also guarantees the security and protection of the physical servers where the data is stored. Therefore, data transfers carried out outside the EU must be carried out under strict rules. What ensures users that their data will be protected will be protected under high levels of security and that they can communicate with companies that keep their data with the greatest peace of mind.

Having as an ally a platform that ensures you the total security of your data is key, for Mailpro the data is the most important asset of your company, its databases, the information that you exchange with your customers, the data of your content are strictly protected by Swiss laws.

Having your data safe helps you to be reliable and maintain a good commercial reputation, offering reliable services to your clients will reward you with the confidence that they keep your confidential information safe in your contact lists. Not ensuring the data of your customers could bring you large legal expenses, in addition to losing the most valuable that is the confidence of your customers.

Your data safe with Mailpro

Your data security is our priority, we protect your information under the strict federal data protection laws of Switzerland. What ensures that your physical and digital data are protected and cannot be requested without authorization, which differs in countries like the USA where law enforcement agencies can access this data any time an investigation requests it. Keeping your data in a data center in Switzerland gives you the security of combining your strict data privacy laws with your strong economic stability, neutrality and solid legal system.

The main data storage clouds are owned by companies located in the United States, where it cannot be assured that their information can be reviewed by any entity of the US government. Under Swiss law all data hosted in this territory is strictly guarded. All data that is sent to an email is hosted in the Maxony Inc data clouds in Geneva.

Through double acceptance, we make sure to keep the tests that will help you identify the email addresses of your subscribers and thus help prove your consent. Comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD) regarding the right to protection and control of personal data. This regulation, which covers the member states of the European Union, gives great importance to the service of users and the delivery of rights to all European citizens or companies that conduct business with data of European citizens.

The professional delivery of your mails controlled by Swiss law, the Swiss federal law jealously watches the data of its citizens by maintaining a supervision on the collection, processing and use of contact files as well as professional mailings campaigns. It is restrictive and supervises the collection, processing and use of contact files as well as professional email campaigns.

While we support the data security in email marketing under legal parameters, we comply with a series of privacy policies that explain how we collect your data and what we do with each of them, you can learn more by reading our compliance rules, where we explain clearly how we collect your data and what we do with them.

We guarantee the security and privacy of your most important assets, the data. Rely on the 12-year experience and the Swiss quality offered by Mailpro.



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