Gain more reach in your campaigns by following good email marketing practices

Despite being one of the digital marketing channels with the least popularity, email marketing is your way of creating that connection and customer loyalty that every brand or company owner expects.

To get the most out of this resource, it is necessary that you follow some recommendations and good email marketing practices, that will help you optimize your work and increase the possibilities not only of your emails being opened, but also of the subscribers on your contact list Clicking on the links that you placed, thus generating the desired click rate.

On Mailpro, we want to give you the guidelines so that your email marketing campaign develops effectively and reaches its potential by your following the good email marketing practices that we will give you in this article.

The good email marketing practices by Mailpro

  • Keep a clean and legal subscriber list

Th best advice you should keep in mind is to never buy subscribers. This may sound repetitive but, with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation by the European Union and the data protection laws of different countries, this should be taken as a rule. In addition, the goal in investing time and ideas in designing your email marketing strategy is to have good opening rates. Imagine that you acquire a list of subscribers who have no interest whatsoever in your product. Everything you planned will not be effective and have a high probability of ending up in the Spam folder.

Regulations like the GDPR, ask that you have proof that your subscribers accepted to be part of the contact lists, and through double acceptance forms, you will ask your subscribers to accept or decline being part of your contact lists, which ensures that you have a healthy list of committed users. If you have purchased contacts, it is unlikely that these contacts will agree to give you their consent and will end up being mostly false addresses that will end up affecting the reputation of your IPs. Avoid complex legal situations and comply with the good practice of obtaining contacts legally.

  • Avoid using the No-Replay addresses

Using a No-replay address will tell those who receive the email that there is no interest in maintaining reciprocal communication. Even if you automate deliveries, it is important that you have a valid and continuously revised response address. Use email addresses with your own name in your domain, such as [email protected]. It is important that you understand that using free email address domains can also lead to your emails remaining in the SPAM folders, and your future customers will be more willing to open emails from addresses that can recognize that they are sent by a person and not an automated system.

  • Treat each user in a personalized way

How many emails do we receive with a greeting line like "Hello Subscriber"… a message with very little human energy. By personalizing your messages, you manage to capture the attention of your subscriber right away, which will help you increase the opening rate, as the moment you personalize the messages you create a connection with your reader that will allow you to break the barrier, building trust and loyalty.

Also take the time to create a subject line that captures the attention of your users. This is the first contact that your reader has with the message so try to make the subject as informative, brief and as personal as possible. With a tool such as Mailpro, you can make use of the dynamic fields and insert them in your subject lines. The subject line is the main call to action of your email marketing campaign, use it to encourage the reader to open the email.

Use the dynamic fields to segment your audience according to their address, location, age, or date of birth. This is data that you can add from the contact lists and so, when designing your campaign, simply add the dynamic field number that you want to customize and thus send a personal version of the same message to everyone.

  •  Create quality content that inspires confidence

When generating content, it is recommended that you start by inserting the logo of your brand in the message, so you can confirm who you are and produce a confident and professional first impression for your client. Always keep in mind that the content in your message contributes a lot and is of the most relevance to your audience. Briefly and accurately, consider your readers time and deliver a message that is concrete, direct, and uses the right balance of text and images. Avoid using words like: Free, Test, and others that may be classified as SPAM.

Know the list of words considered SPAM and avoid using them in your messages.

Do not forget to always add call-to-action buttons to redirect your subscribers to your website or your products. All messages must include the option to unsubscribe, which should be easily visible for those who want unsubscribe quickly.

  •  Take care of the template’s design

A good practice in email marketing is to take care of the newsletter template’s design. Email marketing is intended to help you connect with your user by providing quick information, so it is equally important that the design is simple. It should not be vague or include heavy images. Keep those who use mobile devices in mind, so your template must be designed responsibly so that it can be adapted to all screen sizes.

  • Perform the necessary tests

There are a great variety of email clients and not all of them will be able to view the emails in the same way. This is why it is essential that you do the necessary tests before each delivery.

You can do this by sending the message to your personal account or to that of your work team and see if each image and piece of content is displayed correctly. Another formula is to use A / B Tests, sending different messages to different parts of your contact list. Divide the content with different topics, or images and discover which is the most successful.

Mailpro allows you to perform a SPAM Test that analyzes your mail and checks which of your message may be considered SPAM.

  •  Always analyze each campaign

There is no better proof of the success of a job than measuring its results, which is something that you can do almost immediately with email marketing. One of the most important practices of email marketing is measuring your results.

After sending your campaigns, you must consider analyzing data such as:

  • Percentages of openings: This statistic will indicate the exact amount of emails that have been read or opened by users, which will indicate the overall effectiveness of your campaign. From the statistics that Mailpro presents to you, you will be able to find details of opening times, list of emails per user and countries with the largest opening volume.
  • Badmail Rate: It will indicate the number of emails that have not been received, that is, those that have been rejected by the email servers of some of your recipients. It will be divided into Hard Bounces or Soft Bounces.

You can learn more about the types of Hard Bounces or Soft Bounces in our blog

  • Percentage of clicks: The percentage of CTR (total clicks) is an essential indicator to know the effectiveness of your calls to action and promotional messages. In addition, you can discover the behavior of your reader and redirect your contacts a campaign with actions that have better interaction.
  • Rate of subscription cancellations: With this statistic, you can evaluate the reliability and loyalty of your subscribers. This percentage represents the number of users who have decided not to continue receiving your messages.

In order for you to put these good email marketing practices into use, you need to have a professional email marketing software like Mailpro, which has the robust platform necessary to generate your deliverives and the constant support of professionals who will accompany you at each stage of the process.

If you need more information on how to implement the appropriate email marketing strategy, we have the necessary educational material on our Mailpro Academy.

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