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Sending Unsubscription Surveys to Learn why your Readers Leave

Did you know 40% of B2B marketers believe that email newsletters are the most crucial tactic in their email marketing strategy? While email marketing is not a new approach, many marketers are still striving to maintain and grow their subscriber's list. Like any effective marketing strategy, you need to get into your customers' minds to know why they are likely to subscribe or unsubscribe from your email list in email marketing. Of course, as an email marketer, while you cannot stop readers from opting out of your emails, you can reduce the possibility in the future.


Perhaps, creating and maintaining the email list is one of the challenges marketers have to face. If you are spending time growing your email list, you probably know that unsubscribe requests are part of it. Sometimes, even if the content is engaging and relevant, you will see a random fall in your subscribers. 


The reason could be anything like you are sending boring content or frequent emails to your subscribers. Knowing and understanding the reason is important if you can't afford to lose your subscribers. 


Although you do not need any explanation of why your users unsubscribe from your email list, it is always helpful to find out the reason. Here, Unsubscription surveys have got you covered! 


What are Unsubscription Surveys?


As the name implies, the unsubscription survey is the survey conducted to know the reason your subscribers choose to opt-out. It is an addition to the subscribe screen that enables you to collect relevant information from contacts or leads about why they've unsubscribed from your email subscription. The surveys include a few questions about the reasons for their unsubscribing. The main aim of the unsubscription survey is to allow subscribers to improve your program or ask for areas that need improvement.

Reasons why your subscribers opt-out


According to statistics, users mark the email as spam and unsubscribe for the same reason- too frequent email, irrelevant, not interested in the brand, never signed up for email. The primary reason why people mark email spam is when they do not find the unsubscribe button. This often puts the reputation of the sender at stake. That is why email marketers should make the unsubscribe button more visible and simplify the process of opt-outs. 


The following are the main reasons why your subscribers opt-out.


Email frequency 


One of the most common reasons people choose to unsubscribe from your email list is - too often emails. Although marketers are aware that too many emails may result in unsubscribe rates, they still send many weekly and daily emails without setting an accurate email frequency. Over 50% of marketers send three to eight times emails every week. 


Undoubtedly, sending too many promotional emails can be a huge turn off for subscribers. Rather than sending frequent emails, you should set the right expectations in the sign-up form or reduce your email sending frequency. If you have regular offers, then you should allow subscribers to adjust frequency through their preferences. 


Irrelevant content


Many subscribers only unsubscribe from email lists when they find the content spammy or are no longer valuable. If you experience low click through rates, open rates, or your subscriber reported poor content; you should work more on the content. 


When the email content is not even relevant, the response rate is quite low. If this is the reason, it is vital to check and reevaluate what content or offers you are sending. Subscribers generally consider such emails that are more relevant to them and offer them value. By sending more compelling content and personalized email to your broadcast emails, you can create more powerful email campaigns for your subscribers.

Unexpected Promotions


As an email marketer, understanding your target audience and providing them relevant content is your job. Consumers are more likely to sign up for an email when they find valuable and relevant content. But if the email content is unauthentic and unexpected, they will unsubscribe from your email list in no time. 


Never signed up or subscribed.


Many times, subscribers didn't realize when they had permitted you to send email newsletters. Either they subscribed by mistake, or the email marketer is using a paid mailing list. If you find many people are unsubscribing by giving this reason, make sure to strengthen your sign-up or confirmation method, depending on your sign-up or subscription context.


Sending long email content


Let's face it; no one has time to read long messages or emails. These are not only boring but consume a lot of time. Also, long email content is another major reason for subscribers to hit the unsubscribe button. According to recent data, an email's ideal length is somewhat between 50 words to 125 words. Such emails have a 50% response rate. Even a study reveals that emails with 20 lines of text or 200 words have higher clickthrough rates. So, rather than writing fluffy and lengthy content, make sure to write to-the-point. 


Poor Design


When sending email blasts, many marketers ignore working on the email design. Subscribers often get irritated with poorly designed emails that do not work on their mobiles, and thus they have no other option than to click on the unsubscribe button. 


Besides, many subscribers unsubscribe from an email list when they have any bad customer experience. This is the most common reason why many subscribers unsubscribe or mark the email as spam.


Make sure to design your newsletter easily with Mailpro’s newsletter builder and save time!


Final Words


An unsubscription survey is effective for marketers to understand what they are doing wrong and how they can improve their email marketing campaign. By providing an unsubscribe link on all the emails, introducing humor, and conducting a wellness checkup on your subscribers' experience with your email, you can reduce the unsubscribe rates. 


If you are looking for a precise unsubscription survey, Mailpro got your back. 

The unsubscribe survey by Mailpro sends a poll to contacts after subscribing to your email list. It will help you understand why your subscribers hit the 'unsubscribe' button, and you can work on improving your strategies.


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