In 2019, there were an estimated 3.8 billion email subscribersworldwide. With half of the world's population using email and the capacity to reach consumers at any time of day or night, email marketing remains an essential approach for building a customer base. So, how do you get visitors to sign up for your email list? The straightforward answer is website sign up forms

What Is An Email Sign-Up Form?

The website sign up form is one of the quick and effective ways to gather email addresses from potential customers and leads. These forms are embedded on a web page and allow visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter by entering their email address in a form field. The best thing about email opt-ins is that they allow you to create a pipeline of prospects with whom you can nurture and engage. As cold prospects learn to know and trust you while staying top of mind, your email list can transform into a lucrative source of revenue over time. 

How to Add an Embedded Sign-up Form to Your Website.

Embedding a signup form onto your website is not a long process, especially when you use tools like Mailpro. The email marketing software lets you add a sign up form so people can give you their email addresses. The entire process is easy to execute and naturally helps you grow your email list. Mailpro’s sign up form builder lets you design, create, translate, and share your sign up form. Besides this, it also lets you edit other messages and emails that are part of the sign-up process, such as welcome emails or confirmation emails. These emails and forms guide your clients, friends, prospects, or customers through the procedure of becoming engaged subscribers. 

What Are The Best Practices For Succeeding With Sign-Up Forms?

A powerful email sign-up form not only beats the conversion rates but also lets your website visitors get excited about subscribing to your list. In that case, you need your form to be visually appealing, user-friendly, offer value exchange, and be trustworthy enough. So, in order to succeed with sign up forms, you need to take care of several aspects.

  • Balance Form Fields

The first thing you should do is make sure that all of your form fields are equal. We already know that form fields are important for making an effective email sign-up form. But how do you decide which fields to add and which to get rid of?

How do you know what you want to do? For example, if you want to keep people up to date on your company's blog content, the only thing you need is an email address. However, if you run an e-commerce business, you might want to keep people up to date on new products or sales. In order to send personalized emails, you'll need more than just an email address. Subscribers' names, genders, locations, and interests could all be very useful.

Finally, if you are trying to get customers to sign up for a loyalty program and your sign-up form leads to creating an account, you might want to add extra fields that will help you personalize the loyalty program.

  • Provide Value Exchange

The value proposition is the most important part of any successful acquisition campaign. Fortunately, there are many ways for e-commerce brands to deal with this. Your value propositions can range from small discounts to convenient product notifications and more. They can also include interesting content and more. 

  • Choose the Right Call-to-Action

There must be a strong call to action after a great value proposition. One way to write effective CTA phrases is to write them from the point of view of your reader, highlighting the immediate benefit they will get from acting on your offer.

Using words like "create," "explore," "join," "save," and "upgrade" instead of "click," "submit," and "subscribe" can make your site more useful. You might want to think about replacing "Subscribe now" with more interesting CTAs like "Get instant access" or "Save money now!"

  • Create an Eye-Catching Design

Email sign-up forms don't have to be boring and restricted to the limitations of a box. Unusual formats, eye-catching visuals, and interactive design features, such as photos or GIFs, can help break the ice between your company and the website visitor, particularly if you can incorporate humor or brand personality.

  • Take into account the entire user experience

While it is critical that your visitor sees your form, it is equally critical that it not detract from the rest of the user experience. Sign-up forms that forcefully divert users' attention, such as displaying full-screen modals covering the information beneath, are frequently seen as annoyances and can do more harm than good.

Creating Sign up Forms from Mailpro

Embedding a sign up form on your websiteis easy with Mailpro. The email marketing software lets you customize the form to support your brand or combine it with special offers to boost engagement and attract new subscribers. Visitors may easily subscribe to your newsletters or confirm invitations using a sign-up form, allowing you to grow your list of contacts quickly and safely. The Mailpro registration form uses the double subscription method, which complies with the RGPD criteria and maintains the website's reputation. You just need to follow a few steps to create an email sign-up form integrated into your blog or website.

  • Create your form by going to theSettings tabin your Mailpro account.
  • You can access the Webmaster Zone or go directly to the Forms Box from there.
  • Select Add Forms to create a new form in a few simple steps.
  • Fill out the General Information section with the form's name, address book, your brand's logo, and a personalized accept button.


Email lists are critical tools for any company. It is the most effective approach to reaching out to your customers, introducing them to your business, selling items, and building long-term relationships. However, before you can begin that process, you must first perfect your email sign up form, and Mailpro can help! 

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