SMTP authentication gives you the confidence that an SMTP server is not being used maliciously in order to prevent mail from being sent to you through the SMTP server.

Send all your transactional emails without worrying about the sending limit or about being blocked by your ISP, integrating all your platforms and applications to send transactional emails easily to the SMTP Mailpro server.

Mailpro’s SMTP Server allows you to send mail directly from the email client of your choice (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc) or from any platform or application that allows for connection of the SMTP server.

To send emails from your email client or program, all you have to do is change the SMTP settings of your software or application to be directed to the SMTP Mailpro Server.

SMTP Authentication

Why does SMTP authentication exist?

SMTP authentication is configured for the purpose of increasing security levels and preventing your account from being used to send SPAM email without authorization. Performing SMTP authentication prevents the IP address from being linked to any blacklist, thus securing the server so that no hacker or spammer can send emails using your server. SMTP authentication gives you the assurance that only trusted users can send emails through the server.

Where can I find the SMTP authentication data from Mailpro?

To enable SMTP certification credentials, you must go to the Configuration - SMTP section from your Mailpro account.

In SMTP configuration you can find the parameters for:
  • SMTP Server Name
  • Ports
  • Maximum limit of mail

In SMTP Authentication, you will have access to your Username and Password, to copy and paste directly into the application or program you are using.

You can generate a new password when you want to integrate further. You can also find the option to integrate unsubscribe links to your messages so you customer is allowed to unsubscribe. This option is disabled by default.

SMTP authentication is the simple and secure way by which we can configure the platforms to an SMTP server dedicated to serving all transactional email activities quickly and safely.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our support team.

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