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The first impacts of the GDPR

Impacts of GDPR

The GDPR came into effect a few months ago. The main objective of this new rule was to give back the users the ability to limit how their data is being used by marketers. The GDPR was so widely discussed that it had scared the digital sector although the implementation of it has not changed the marketing techniques. However, many advertisers had to change their methods to comply with the new legal framework and some users had to change their behavior as well. In this article, we focus on the behavior of the B2B, even if they were not as impacted by the GDPR, they also changed their behavior. This is showed explicitly on the below graph, created by the CMIT  company Markess. Regarding e-mail campaigns, we see that 39% of the people that were surveyed, unsubscribed e-mails lists and 34% were reluctant to share their personal date with advertisers. So is the GDPR to be blamed? Were these people tired of receiving uninteresting e-mails regularly? Or is it the lack of trust towards the advertisers? We think that in your contacts you will find a mixture of all that. In addition, 29% of the people surveyed mentioned that they filtered the sender as spam. This is a very significant number in comparison with the interest of the e-mail campaign they showed. At the end of the presentation, some suggestions are offered in order to improve the response of campaigns and to change this trend. 

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