Emails are important – more than you could possibly imagine! According to a report, there are more than 4.5 billion email accounts in the world, and as many as 180 billion emails are sent every day.

Such is the potential of this great platform. This is why it makes sense to invest more in email marketing to reap positive results. However, painstakingly writing mails for every customer is downright unfeasible at so many levels.

So what is the ideal solution here? Email automation for businesses. Now, what’s that?

Let’ find out.

What is Email Marketing Automation, Anyway?

Quite predictably, it is a process of automating your entire email marketing process. This means that you no more need to write and send emails manually. All this could be taken care of effortlessly by email marketing software. What’s more, this automation software can also send emails at specified times, and revert to your customers when needed.

However, this is not all about them. Email marketing automation can help you in various other ways as well. Let’s have a look.

It is automatic.

Probably, one of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that the entire process is completely automated. You don’t have to break a sweat or send emails to thousands of your customers manually. All you need to do is choose specific criteria to trigger the required workflows, and you are sorted.

It nurtures your leads.

If the basic motive of your email marketing campaign is to nurture leads, email automation has you covered. Leads are sensitive. Although the sales team tries to chase new leads immediately before they go cold, more often than not, new leads do not prefer such chasing.

They might have downloaded an ebook or whitepaper from your website and might not be in the decision-making stage yet. Cold calling will only turn them off. This is the time when email workflows can prove to be advantageous.

You can simply share some useful information related to what they are looking for in their email inbox. If done right, the lead will not only get some useful details from you but will also be able to learn more about your business and service, and who knows if they contact your sales team directly? Well, that’s just how powerful email marketing automation can prove to be!

Digest this: Automated emails get to enjoy 119% higher click rates when compared to broadcast emails.

It enhances the capabilities of your sales team.

One of the best parts of email automated tools is there in-depth reports and analytics that they equip the businesses with. Was your email opened? Did your customer read the automated email? What is the click-through-rate? You can find answers to all these important questions with the help of email automated tools.

Some tools are even capable of issuing a notification to the internal sales team as and when someone takes a desired action through email. All these features empower your sales team with the right amount of data and help them in improvising their sales strategies.

Digest this: B2C marketers who connect with customers through automated emails witness 50% high conversion rates!

It increases brand awareness.

Let’s accept the fact that things happen. We get busier. Even dedicated marketing departments forget things. They might be busy in social media marketing campaigns and might completely forget about email marketing. Come on, admit that writing emails individually is boring and time-consuming.

But this is not the case when you equip your organization with a proper email automation tool that automatizes the workflows for you. You no more need to delay the things. The result – you are able to communicate with your existing customers and prospects in a timely manner. All this translated to increased brand awareness. What more can one ask for?

It facilitates easy personalization.

If you are wondering that email automation tools will automate the process, but they will send the plain boring emails with limited options of customization – you need to reconsider your views.

Most email marketing tools allow businesses to send personalized email workflows. Thus, you no more need to greet your customers with an ordinary Hi, but something as personalized as Hi, Kate!

No. That’s not all. You can even add personal information of the recipient like location, the company they are working for, and other details. Undoubtedly, this helps you in connecting with your target audiences on a deeper level.’

Digest this: Personalized emails receive up to 6 times more revenue when compared to non-personalized emails.

 It reduces errors.

One thing that turns off most customers is the errors in the email received. Undoubtedly, you won’t like to receive a mail that addresses you wrong, or contains a lot of spelling errors, and the like. This will ruin your reputation, and your customer might not take you seriously.

This is when email workflows help you out. You can check them over, and even use their in-built editor to catch any errors before putting them live.

The Next Steps

As is evident, email marketing automation is the need of the hour. It saves your time, eliminates any errors, increases brand awareness and helps you connect to your customers in a more timely and personalized manner.

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