If you use transactional emails in your business every day, you may have heard the term SMTP. 

The SMTP protocol is very important because it makes a big difference in the emails you send to your customers and in your delivery capacity. It may sound super technical, but we'll give you all the details so you can understand how it works and why it can impact your email marketing campaigns.

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol." This is a communication protocol used between email servers to send and receive emails.

SMTP is responsible for processing and forwarding emails from a sender to a recipient. That is, it acts as an intermediary between both. For personal use and traditional mailings, free email applications such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, can offer basic functionalities to achieve simple tasks. But, if you manage an ecommerce and need to perform professional actions, you can use the services of an SMTP server to directly connect your systems and send transactional emails without the need to make complex integrations.

It is currently the most used sending protocol and used exclusively for the delivery of large volumes of messages.

How do I send with an SMTP Server?

The process of transferring emails using the SMTP protocol and SMTP servers is known as SMTP Relay. This means that if your company needs to send large volumes of messages, you can use the services of a third party (SMTP Relay) to manage the sending of these emails without the need to use your own Email Servers.

Imagine that you run a small company with few employees and a minimum client volume and that all communications are done through email. In the case of a need to send a reduced number of personal emails, you can manage communication through a common email provider. But, the moment your company starts to grow and the volume of emails and customers increases, the majority of classic email providers (Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo) limit the amount of emails that can be sent daily and it becomes evident that they are not adapted for sending mass emails.

Then it is necessary that the transactional messages you send, such as purchase confirmations, order vouchers, invoices, etc. are made from a trusted SMTP server that can respond to the demands of your business.

To send an SMTP email, you just need to create the messages in your email client (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) CRM or web application, authenticate your connection to the Mailpro SMTP server with the user and password generated by the platform and send it. If you have placed the data correctly, this email will be sent to the Email Server SMTP Mailpro  and delivered to the recipient's server.

Once you have configured your access to the SMTP server of Mailpro, you can send all the necessary emails without leaving your traditional email software or the external service you use.

What is a SMTP Relay server?

An SMTP server is a server on which  SMTP Relay services are performed. It receives the emails sent by a sender and in the majority of cases, transfers them to another server before reaching its recipient. Compare it with the work of a physical post office, where they receive correspondence from the sender and are responsible for delivering it to the post office of the recipient's city where it will be distributed.

The SMTP servers used by Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook are shared among users, so if you want to send massive messages, this can be a big problem, as you could be using an IP address that is also shared by a Spammer which would immediately ruin the sending you try do.

For this reason,  a good option is to use the services of professional email providers such as Mailpro, who specialize in handling large volumes of emails and that have their own servers and constant monitoring of the IP reputations.

The sender creates the email from his personal account and the server of his email client (Example, Gmail, Yahoo) sends it to the SMTP server, where it is managed and sent to its recipients.

The SMTP Mailpro server

So that you can manage your messages with confidence and security, Mailpro gives you access to a mail server for SMTP Relay processes on which you are able to connect to virtually all external systems, such as ecommerce, email boxes, and sites such as WordPress or other content management systems.


Ease of installation

The Mailpro SMTP Relay service is configured very easily and  requires you to make only the necessary mail configurations or to connect your application to our server with the credentials that you will find on your Mailpro account, something that  will only take you a few minutes.

Better delivery rates

In order to combat SPAM, most traditional email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) have limits to the amount of email they can send to different recipients per day. With Mailpro's SMTP server, the deliverability of your messages will be guaranteed because we maintain a solid infrastructure to manage large volumes of emails.


One of the advantages you will have when using the Mailpro SMTP Server Statistics, is that the tracking system allows you to collect the statistical data of each transactional message that you send.

Mailpro, allows you access to statistics of the sending made through the SMTP servers. Through this, you can review the openings, click rates, geolocation and also analyze the bounce rate of your emails, granting you the knowledge as to  why they are considered as Hard Bounce or Soft Bounce.


Using an SMTP server you can have the complete confidence of making your large volume sendings without carrying the fear of being labeled as SPAM. We maintain strict Ips revision standards, as well as the ease of installing filters such as SPF, DKIM. In addition, the servers being located in Switzerland, serves as backup and ensures you that your data will be completely safe.

IP reputation management

A team of experts ensures that the IPs used to make your sendings are of quality and thus prevent them from going to the SPAM folder.

 If you are looking to send with optimal delivery and have the benefits of the tracking tools of a professional email application, while still using your own applications to send transactional emails such as marketing messages, you need an SMTP server like the one offered by Mailpro .

Simplify your time and leave the work to the emailing experts, consult our plans and enjoy all the functions that our SMTP Relay Serviceshave for you.

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