Knowing an individual's user names to send him emails

An email address represents a string of characters that enable an individual to receive electronic mail in his message box. It is the cornerstone of any email campaign. An email address is made of three elements. The first one is the local part, chosen by the user. Its only restriction is that he cannot use the same address as another Internet user. The second element is the at sign, or "@", which serves as a separation element. The last element is the domain name, which makes it possible to identify the company that hosts the message box.

Getting email addresses for one's email campaign

The email address is the cornerstone of any email campaign: behind each email address, there is an Internet user who may be interested in the advertiser's newsletter. You can't communicate if you haven't got the necessary information to contact anyone.

Therefore, to make a contact database, an advertiser has to collect email addresses and, to do this, there are several solutions :

  • On his site, by suggesting to the people who are interested to register at the newsletter. For this solution, it is best to use the double opt-in, that is to say to send an email to the Internet user who made himself known to you to ask him for a second confirmation in order to make sure that he is really the one who made the move. If the advertiser is certain that the individual is interested, he will avoid bad mails and invalid addresses, which would sully the quality of his directory of contacts.

  • By buying or renting databases from specialist companies.

In itself, the email address proves to be a necessary component for the sending of a newsletter, but it is important for an advertiser to do more than accumulate email addresses. He also needs to associate other elements to them in order to be able to customise his emails : for example, the surname, the first name and the profession of each prospect.

Managing unsubscribers

To respect the legislation and for the prospects' comfort, the management of unsubscribers is a stage that must not be ignored by the advertiser during the creation of his email campaign. It is necessary to make sure that the newsletter unsubscription procedure remains accessible and simple, but also to seriously keep one's address book updated so as to avoid sending messages to Internet users who don't want them any longer. To make its users' work easier, Mailpro offers automated management for these two stages.

Customisable fields

Customising a newsletter means making sure that each prospect who reads it will feel concerned by it, that he is targeted by its content. To do that, the advertiser can't be content with identifying an addressee with his mere mail address. To make advertisers able to send relevant messages to Internet users, Mailpro offers them the possibility of associating 25 types of information to each contact in their books thanks to customisable fields. Thus, they will be able to integrate these elements in their emails, which will directly adapt to the addressee during the sending. For example, these emails may call their addressees by their surnames and their first names.

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