Professional message sending, an unavoidable commercial strategy on the Internet

By using emails to come as close to prospects as possible, email provides additional precision and power to the various techniques of web marketing. A complement to offers such as "display" or sponsored links, it enables you to send customised and attractive messages to careful selected commercial targets for very competitive costs. Thanks to its performance, it is an excellent conquest and loyalty-building tool on the Internet.

Email, a marketing conquest tool

Emails are part of the daily life of Internet users and their reading is still one of the most frequent online habits. Based on direct marketing, email marketing enables you to easily offer a simple but appealing commercial action to an often already qualified prospect base while being sure that your message won't be distorted by potential go-betweens. As it is supple, it can be combined with other sales channels such as the telephone or brick-and-mortar shops. Its reactivity and the many settings that are available for it also offer multiple possibilities for adaptation, particularly as far as competitors are concerned.

Email, a help for online loyalty-building

Easy to use and effective, email remains one of the Favored tools by companies to manage their customer relationship on the web. Its legibility on all platforms - computers, mobiles or tablets - and its association with a behavior "tracking" of the recipients allow to develop elaborate loyalty strategies and re-engagement of the prospects base. Games, contests or surveys are common ways of collecting additional customer data, while customized promotional offers maintain the attractiveness of the issuer's messages.

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