Sending business messages via newsletters, an effective way to manage customer relationships

The 2015 figures confirm once again that email is one of the most efficient solutions for companies as a means of managing customer relations. Loyalty marketing campaigns in the form of regular newsletters are proven to have a very high ROI and represent one of the tools used to enhance the attractiveness of brands. These excellent results remain nevertheless subject to good practices and to a responsiveness of the issuer during the crucial stage of deliverability of the newsletters.

Email Marketing, the star of the loyalty tools

Frequently Reported as outdated, commercial email again proved this prediction wrong in 2015. An E-mail Brokers barometer recalls that 95% of connected businesses use e-mail to maintain their customer relationship, successfully, according to Digilinx: this loyalty tool currently accounts for 30 to 40% of webmarchands turnover. This support to commercial performance comes along with very reasonable and controlled fees: a study by the University of Rochester places email far ahead of other solutions, with a ROI of more than 40 dollars.

The success of loyalty email related to deliverability

This success in the commercial solicitation of existing customers remains conditioned to maintaining the rates of deliverability and reading campaigns at a high level.

To reach this goal , issuers must comply to good practices in the frequency of their emails, limited to 1 per week, and personalize their message to the maximum. The increasingly fine segmentation of recipients in relation to their behavioral statistics is one of the essential tools of this strategy.

The power of loyalty via email, teaching 2015 figures

The 2016 figures are exciting for those who work with email campaigns. This mode of communication still has many good years ahead.

Simple tricks to improve the opening rate of your email campaign

After deliverability, the opening rate is the second parameter that determines the success of an email campaign. How to improve it with a few simple tricks?

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