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Question : How to Avoid Anti-Spam Filters?

Learn how to avoid anti-spam filters 

There can be several reasons why your message arrives in the spam folder...
First of all, spam  is not an exact science. The deliverability or not of a message depends on concrete factors but also on subjective factors. To simplify, there are three types of filters:
The filter on the sending address (IP address of the sending server). We guarantee at this level that our IPs are of good quality and constantly monitored.
The second is the domain name, when you send it for the first time, you will see in the badmails if your domain is banned or not. In this case, you can contact us and we will no doubt suggest that you use another domain name.
The third concerns the content of your newsletter.
The setting of spam filters for server domains is personal and depends on the security policy of companies, Internet service providers and personal settings of individuals. Consequently, what is spam for one is not necessarily spam for the other:
Some basic rules to observe:
  • Ask your contacts to add your email address to their email address books. Your Email address will be in the "White list" of your correspondents.
  • Try to personalize your newsletter  as much as possible with dynamic fields. 
  • Avoid sending a message with only pictures. A 50% text / image ratio is ideal.
  • Avoid different fonts in your message.
  • Do not include a script or iframe in your message. A warning message when saving the message will also inform you of the presence of script or iframe. Use the "search" function of your browser to find the script in your message (in editor source mode).
  • Don't overuse bold or underline in your message.
  • Avoid forbidden words like "New, Balance,%, Offers, Test, ..)
  • Check that your domain name and linked email are not blacklisted due to abuse of unsolicited email.
From our side, all measures are taken so that your message can be delivered. 

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