Question : How to Configure your DMARC Record for your Email Campaigns with Mailpro ?


Also in our FAQ section: What is DMARC?

1. Connect to your Mailpro Account.

2. Go to Webmaster’s zone and click on DMARC.

3. Fill in the required DMARC Settings such as Domain Policy Type: This is the policy that defines how you would like the ISPs to handle messages that failed SPF and DKIM. If you are unsure if your domain is authenticating all emails choose 'None'. You will still receive reports.

DMARC with Mailpro

4. Click on Generate DMARC Record.

Configure DMARC

5. Add this record to your DNS.

DMARC in Mailpro

Remember, you should only be able to add this information if your are the owner of the domain, it’s not possible to configure the DMARC for public mailing systems (,, etc…)

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