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Question : Countdown Timers for FREE Mailpro Accounts


Countdown Timers’ purpose is to draw customer’s attention to specific products or services with a lucrative offer, but only for a limited time. Mailpro offers many Countdown Timer designs you can insert directly from our message builder using a simple  and easy to use wizard.

Every time an email with a Countdown Timer loads in customer’s email software or service, a request will be sent to our Countdown Mailpro Servers and ask for the countdown GIF animated image, that will show for 40 seconds or frames.

FREE Mailpro accounts can also use Countdown Timers in their messages for testing the functionality, but they have a restriction of 10 requests to our servers. After this 10 requests, instead of the Countdown Timer image, customers will see a default message.

FREE Mailpro accounts can always upgrade to a monthly account to include Countdown Timers without restrictions.

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