Note: Effective November 13th, 2022, new legislation from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) will be in effect. Starting December 1st, 2022, Aegis will begin testing keywords to ensure compliance. The following information includes the five (5) mandatory keywords. Please refer to the linked document (specifically pages 20-22) for more details. All keywords must be written in CAPITAL LETTERS in all media.

Before sending messages in Canada, ensure you understand the relevant regulations. All programs must comply with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation and specific country laws, guidelines, and mobile operator policies that evolve and are subject to change without notice.

Non-compliant messages may lead to program blocking and filtering by major carrier networks in Canada.

Mailpro recommends using a short code for optimal delivery for A2P (application-to-person) messaging. If using a long number, send no more than one message per second, avoiding bulk or burst SMS programs.


  1. DND List (Do Not Disturb): No
  2. Time Restrictions: No
  3. International vs. Local Split: No
    • Local Traffic: Not Applicable
    • International Traffic: Not Applicable
  4. General Content Restrictions:
    • Programs involving alcohol, tobacco, and adult content must verify the legal age of each end-user in their province or territory.
    • Not to be marketed to individuals under the legal age.
  5. Content Registration: No
  6. Opt-out Instructions:
    • End-users must opt in. Unsolicited messages are prohibited.
    • Explicit opt-in consent required before sending marketing messages.
    • Users on the Do Not Call registry may not be contacted.
  7. Sender ID Regulations:
    • Sender IDs are overwritten with local short codes and (+1) long codes
  8. Sender ID Documentation: Not Applicable
  9. Country Supports MNP (Mobile Number Portability): Yes

New Legislation:

  • Effective November 13th, 2022.
  • Aegis will test keywords from December 1st, 2022.
  • Five (5) Mandatory Keywords: STOP, ARRET, HELP, AIDE, INFO.


  1. STOP:

    • English MT message: Consumer will no longer receive messages.
    • Applies to all programs, including one-time use.
    • Must return an English response.
    • Must immediately opt out the consumer.
  2. ARRET:

    • Same information as STOP but with a French MT response.
  3. HELP:

    • English MT message must contain:
      • Customer Service contact info.
      • Cost and message frequency.
      • Opt-out/unsubscribe information.
      • Identity of the program sponsor.
  4. AIDE:

    • Same information as HELP but with a French MT response.
  5. INFO:

    • Bilingual (English & French) MT message.
    • Content Provider's (or Aggregator’s) company name.
    • Customer service contact information.

These regulations are for informational purposes. Stay updated on any changes to ensure compliance with SMS regulations in Canada

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