Did you know viewers are 75% more likely to open an email from segmented campaigns than non-segmented campaigns?

So, it’s necessary to manage your contact list and segment your emails to get the most out of email marketing campaigns. Managing your contact list not only has a significant impact on your ROI, but it also leads to improved customer satisfaction and a better understanding of your audience.

Communicate Efficiently With Your Target Audience By Managing Your Contacts!      

Keeping your contacts organized is important for email marketing success. Be it email segmentation or effective communication with your clients, managing your contacts is the key. 

And, with Mailpro, you can quickly manage your contacts individually inside your contact list. 

Every time you import contacts or synchronize other apps in Mailpro, you import an email address or a contact. Then, you will be able to choose in which list you want to add this contact. Also, these contacts can be deleted for each specific list without getting removed from all your other contact lists. 

For instance, if customers unsubscribe, he/ she will be unsubscribed from one of your particular list, and not from all the other lists. But, you can make the customer unsubscribe from all your lists as well.

This feature is great for different lists and segments. For example, a person might not be interested in receiving updates from your boutique shop but wants to receive notifications about the wine shop.   

Further, you can add information about your contacts on the Contact Fields. These fields are helpful while personalizing your newsletter as you can stock information with up to 50 fields. 

You can even tag your contacts. For instance, you can tag a contact according to particular information, which can new subscribers, frequent customers, or specific interests to create segments. After this, you can send a newsletter to this specific group of people you have tagged. 

Manage your Email Contact List

How Can You Manage Your Contact Lists?


Email marketing is all about segmentation. So, if you want a higher ROI, you need to segment your audience better. 

By applying filters, you can target the right audience at the right time.

Apply Tags

Applying tags to your contacts enables you to be more precise with your email. With tagging your contacts, you can add certain details to your contacts, such as location, Purchased product, etc. 

Removing Inactive Contacts

There are many contacts in your email list that are inactive and have not shown any interest in your emails. 

By removing these inactive contacts, your email open rate will increase.

Opt-In Email Lists

By creating opt-in email lists, you will have different lists depending on which form your customers subscribed through.

So, managing your lists and making the right segments can help you communicate with your audience efficiently by providing them with the right pertinent information.

If you want to increase the email conversion rate, read about managing your segments, managing your tags, managing your lists, and managing fields.   

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