Making sure the newsletter you love and put so much effort into reaches your subscribers’ inbox, and that he actually manages to open it, is perhaps one of the first objectives to establish when thinking about an Email Marketing campaign. In the statistics platform, you will find a detailed list with the opening statistics of your email marketing campaigns and the email addresses of the subscribers who have opened your message.

You can access this list by simply entering Statistics and selecting the campaign you want to analyze and then, by clicking on email campaign Openings, you can see the full list of emails belonging to subscribers' who have already opened the message you designed for your email campaign.

From there you will find the following information:

  • Opening time
  • Exact day
  • Address book to which each user belongs

From this list you can have your most loyal subscribers nearby and create strategies aimed at a segment of your readers that open their emails during specific hours of the day and thus communicate your promotions or services based on the data you have previously studied. An essential component when sending emails, is your contact list, which should make it as safe as possible when sending your campaign to a list of people who actually take an interest in your messages. With access to the opening list, you can tidy up your contact lists by removing those who have not interacted with your emails in recent months, which will help you improve the opening statistics of your email marketing campaigns.

emails opened or read

Knowing the percentage of emails opened is one of the basic statistics of email marketing, that assures us of the effectiveness of your campaigns and that the contacts that you have in your list exist and have given authorization to receive your messages. When you want to improve deliverability, the opening rate is some of the first data you must take into account.

To ensure that the majority of your contact list opens your message, you can use a phrase that draws your subscriber’s attention, such as promising a good discount in the subject line, or using effective emojis in the subject text which make your Mail stand out and be most visible in your subscribers' inbox. The important thing is to keep on trying. The ideal subject line doesn’t have a formula that is perfect for everyone. For this reason, you must create tests with subscriber segments of your opening lists, send Test A/B newsletters and compare previous campaigns with the comparative statistics found on our platform.

Knowing this data, you can think about creating strategies directed towards a group of your newsletter subscribers that open your mail during specific hours of the day and to which you communicate your promotion or services. It will also help you to establish the best schedules for making your shipments.

Complement this data by knowing the newsletter link clicks statistics that you can find from the Reactivity tab, so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your email campaigns with greater certainty.

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