The professional sending of messages requires the control of optimized technical resources

Email routing corresponds to all the technical solutions implemented to carry out the routing of a professional sending of messages from the sender to the recipient's inbox. It is based in particular on the real-time management of the IT resources linked to the campaign. Deliverability is a recognized performance indicator widely used by webmarketing professionals.

Routing, the technical aspect of email marketing

The delivery of emailings requires many computer resources carefully optimized and quantified.

It uses dedicated servers, known as SMTPs, clearly identified and perfectly configured in order to distinguish clearly from "spam". Knowledge of the "good practices" of the industry ensures a fine modulation of the shipment, carried out in several waves in order to avoid a report by the operators of the networks. It is complemented by a sharp management of the bandwidth so that the graphic chart and the interactive elements of the message are displayed correctly when they are consulted by the recipient.

The deliverability, a performance indicator of email routing

The aim of the routing is to ensure the arrival of the campaign by email directly in the e-mail box of prospects. Despite its legitimacy, it may be thwarted by ISP's spam filters. Measuring this real capacity of the campaign to reach the target corresponds to deliverability. This indicator should serve as a warning signal. The Netherlands asks questions about the appropriateness of the technical choices made to carry out the routing. It is also influenced by the collection methods and the freshness of the contact database and the content of the message.

SMTP protocol and servers, routing mechanisms for emails

What is an SMTP server and how to program it correctly so that it participates efficiently through its routing to your email campaign? All you need to know is here.

The deliverability of emails related to the configuration of the SMTP server

The SMTP server is in charge of sending of emails. Its frequency, its power, its protocols are all factors to be determined before sending, failing to be blocked by ISPs who find its behavior "suspicious"

Anti-spam devices, ruthless sanctions of unsuitable emails

Designed in response to numerous abuses on the web, the Anti-spam devices, ruthless sanctions of unsuitable emailings is a 'guard dog' which one must go through by demonstrating no ill intents. But what precisely does it look for before allowing passage to the mailboxes of the targets?

The deliverability of routing, the first indicator of the effectiveness of emailing

The criterion of the deliverability is the one without which nothing can be done during an email campaign. It determines the rate of your mailings that have reached their destination.

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