Click Rates

Open rates

Click-through rates compare the number of people who have clicked on a link inside an email campaign.

This is such an important metric because you can see if you are getting through to your audience. Are you communicating efficiently enough so that they are convinced to click?

The average CTR should be between 2 and 5 %.

If your CTR is lower than that, you should start questioning your strategy. Are you communicating the right content to the right audience? What can you do to make sure they click? Are you segmenting your email contacts? Are you using the right call to action?

We calculate click rates by dividing the total number of people who clicked by the number of emails delivered and multiply this result by 100.

Click Rates for: Personalized vs Non-Personalized Emails vs Automated Emails

Personalized newsletters have a click rate of 1.394% while non-personalized emails have a click rate of 0.613%. Automatic emails have a click rate of about 3.138 %.

Once again, this date shows us that it is essential to personalize emails. Personalized emails make the audience feel more comfortable and, therefore, click more on your links. Did you know that most email marketers struggle with click-through rates?

Automated emails, which include transactional emails, have the higher click rates because of the nature of emails. Transactional emails often include lost passwords, subscription emails, and highly personalized content, therefore having the highest CTR of all.

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