Tips to Improve Click Rates

Opening Rates Tips

Chose the right time to send your campaign

Send your email marketing campaign when your audience expects you to send it.

You need to make sure you send your campaign when your customers have the time and have shown to previously engage in your newsletters. You can easily schedule a newsletter to be sent on a specific time with Mailpro.


Send only relevant content to your previously segmented audience

It is so common to see email marketing send the wrong content to the wrong audience. You need to make sure you have a segmented list and that you are sending pertinent information to it.

Segmenting your list is one of the most important parts of email marketing. There is nothing more annoying than receiving emails not relevant for you.


Make sure to have a clear and eye-catching Call to Action (CTA)

Always make sure you are being clear about what you expect your audience to do. Don’t suppose your audience will know what you want them to do.

Make sure to be using the right call to action for the email you are sending.

The best way to have clear call to action is using our Mailpro buttons.


Make them curious, use a sense of urgency or emotional trigger to interest your audience

A great technique is to make your audience curious about what will happen when you click, for example, on a button. Emotional triggers or creating a sense of urgency can also help improve your CTR. With Mailpro, you can use our countdown to create a sense of urgency easily.

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