Tips to Improve Opening Rates

Opening Rates Tips

Do you feel like your opening rate is too low or has been constantly decreasing? It is probably time to change a couple of things inside your strategy. Here are some tips to help you


Make sure your subject line is catchy and is personalized

No one likes to open a boring or uninteresting email. Your title should have a catchy phrase without going overboard with spam words such as Sale or Free on it. A newsletter with a good subject line will not only increase your opening rates, but it will improve your chances of passing anti-spam filters. Check our full list of Spam Words to avoid.

Also, make sure your subject line is personalized. People love feeling special, and personalizing your subject line does this for you. This will automatically increase your opening rates. With Mailpro, you can easily personalize your subject line as well as your content with our dynamic fields.


Write quality content every time

In our opinion it is better to send newsletters less often, but to only send newsletter with great content in them. Over-sending newsletters can backfire, making customers delete your newsletters or mark you as a not-wanted sender. Make sure you send only when necessary and when you have something of good quality that you want to communicate to customers. Customers appreciate receiving good information and will therefore look forward to receiving your newsletters.

When creating a great content newsletter, take into consideration


Find out what’s the best day and hour of the week to send your newsletter

Study which days are better for sending newsletters. Some days of the week have horrible opening rates compared to others. Make sure you study the opening rates of several of your newsletters. With a newsletter software such as Mailpro, you can see your opening rates for each of your campaigns and study them all.


Avoid Spam Filters

This might sound overrated, but you won’t have good opening rates if your newsletters finish in the spam folder. Make sure you follow some simple tips to avoid falling into the spam folder. Also, before sending your newsletter, you can audit your spam content with Mailpro´s Spam Check

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