Finally, Halloween is knocking on the doors once again, and people from all over the world are excited to celebrate it. When thinking about Halloween, what come to our minds are faces on pumpkins, spooky decorations, and scary costumes. As people are excited for Halloween, it’s the right time for businesses to reach them with good and attractive discounts and make them happier. If you are a business owner who wants to attract customers to your business, it is the right time to have fun with your email newsletter and make it a commercially lucrative venture.


Subject line


A subject line is something that forces people to click to see what’s inside. It is basically a tie-breaker that decides if you can impress your customers or not. Halloween is when people are in a chill and fun mood, so make sure your subject line has those elements. Make sure your subject line’s optimal length is 30-50 characters, including some creepy vibes using Halloween-related words—for example, screaming discounts and offers, spooky savings, and more.




Use seasonal Emojis


To bring a funny side on Halloween, make sure to add some amazing emojis that grab attention. Emojis are basically a universal language that delivers you a message in fun yet intuitive way. You can find many creepy small emojis that exude the vibe of holidays, such as skull, devil, magician, superhero, and more. Use them either in the bullet list or throughout the content. Make sure you are not overdoing it and keep your tone witty, smart, and fun but not juvenile.




The email newsletter template you use should complement the Halloween fest. Today, you can get many templates builder that helps you create the best email newsletter. One such name is Mailpro. The Newsletter builder of Mailpro lets you create and assemble the layout of the newsletter and the Halloween-themed emails. The template builder contains all elements that make your email newsletter more interesting. These are videos, gifs, text, images, design, and more. You can choose the best one from the different templates available at Mailpro.


Choose the Right Color


One of the most important things that make you stand apart from others is to choose the right color. When it comes to Halloween, it has its own sets of colors that bring out the mood. Some of these colors are black, white, and orange. If you want to add a touch of color schemes your brand uses, you can adapt images, small decorative details, or illustrations to suit your needs.



Add Spooky photos


If you want to add more fun elements to your email newsletter, you can choose from a wide range of spooky photos. It will help you achieve the desired results and establish a still-hearted, creepy atmosphere. The types of photos that work well with your Halloween email are graveyards, decorated halls, people in costumes, pumpkins/gourds, black cats, etc. Make sure not to add too many images. Some audiences may not like photos, so that you can segment your email audience carefully.


Offer good and attractive discounts.                     


This is what your customers are waiting for eagerly. So when designing your email newsletter for Halloween, make sure your customers are waiting for some great discounts. These discounts attract your audience, and they are more likely to buy your services or products.


Designing a Halloween newsletter is not rocket science if you take care of all these aspects. Everything starts with choosing the right templates. At Mailpro, we offer a wide range of email newsletter templates designed especially for Halloween. If you are looking for the best templates for your newsletter, use one of Mailpro’s templates by clicking here.


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