There is a great need to measure the activities marketers are doing to enhance your business’s value and success. It should be done to analyze the data that your client views and understand their way towards your services.

In this rapidly increasing digital marketing period, email has provided some best options to trace the marketing activity of your business, clients, conversions, and other related performance. An email marketing campaign can be tracked through some metrics and KPIs if followed with a piece of proper knowledge.

It is well said, if you don’t know how to measure the things, then you will not be able to improve the same. So, it is requisite to have proper knowledge of all possible KPIs and select the best one for each marketing activity to analyze them.

Here are some Metrics & KPIs that can be followed for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign. Let’s go through them!

  1. Emails Delivery:

How will you get to know if the email sent by you has been delivered to all the receivers? It is the most crucial activity one needs to keep an eye on.

It depends on the service domain you are using to send your emails or the sender’s status. Both things are equally responsible for the accurate delivery of emails.

  1. Open Rate:

After checking the delivery reports of an email, the next step that one must follow is tracking the number of opened and read emails by the receiver from that of the delivered mails. Once the images are displayed on the receiver’s screen, only then the email will be considered an open email. 

You may create some encouraging and attractive subject of emails to increase the possibility of opening an email. It will guide you to the following step of analyzing email marketing activity. Many email marketing software, such as mailpro can help you track open rate, so you can create new strategies accordingly.

  1. Click-Through Rate:

This is a crucial step to increase the number of visitors on your webpage. In this step, you need to track the number of recipients who have opened the link available in your email. It mostly depends on the content, images, font style of an email.

To increase the number of clicks on your link, you must add material related to people’s interests with some inspirational and educational resources.

  1. Bounce Rate:

Some permanent or temporary, i.e., hard or soft bounces are found when emails are returned to the sender after being sent. The hard error occurs because of the wrong email address of the receiver or an invalid domain name.

Soft bounce back refers to the temporary errors because of full inboxes or some technical issues on the recipient’s server. Both problems have occurred through the receiver’s side. Hard faults cannot be resolved, whereas soft faults are temporary and can be solved automatically.

  1. Unsubscribe Rate:

Checking the subscribers and no-subscribers of your email campaign is equally essential. It consists of those beneficiaries who have opted to unsubscribe emails through your campaign.

One must check this rate regularly so that if the number of unsubscribed users crosses the average rate, you can take immediate action. It is then needed to check the content and quality of the email that is sent and make some slight changes.

  1. Conversion Rate:

Most of the actions of the subscribers through your email can be said as conversion. Such acts may include, click on the link provided, registration is done after clicking the link, etc. Such activities show the response and effects of the email on the client.

The email marketing person must check out through this metric regularly so that you may know the value of your services quickly. These actions depend on the type of campaign you are running, content, messages, and other studies.

  1. Opening Device:

Valuable information about the receivers is that at what type of device they are viewing your email. This will help you in designing your email content and graphics according to the most usable device.

Such devices may include desktop, laptop, mobile devices, and tablets, etc. Some software helps you to know all such details of an individual or even of the complete list. Through this, you will be able to concentrate on the receivers properly.

  1. Spam Score:

To stop entering your emails to a spam box, you need to use some software that can help your email campaign to throw the email in the right way. The software will let you know the spam risk of your email by giving each section a score.

Checking the spam score of the email sent will surely help you know about the email before it will be in a spam danger. This metric checks the email before sending it so that you can correct it and stop your emails from being marked as spam in other devices.

  1. Overall ROI:

Checking the cost that comes to you in return for your email campaign is one of the best email analytics metrics. Through this, you may compare your investments done to execute the campaign and the cost-effectiveness that comes to you in return easily.

There are many ways to calculate the Return on Investment over your email campaign. It will show you how valuable email campaign marketing is for your products and services by providing you with some best results throughout the working period.

Wrapping Up 

We hope, as now you have gone through above-explained metrics for your email campaign, you must have understood the same that can be used for different types of activities of email marketing. You must select the best tracking metric to easily measure the performance of your email campaign and enhance your business’s performance.

Moreover, our dedicated team always welcomes you, should you have any queries in the future. You will get the best solution through our platform quickly.

Further, you can also use our email marketing software, mailpro, which can help you analyze all the analytics mentioned above. 


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