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Complement your Email Marketing Campaign with SMS Marketing

It is clear that email marketing holds heaps of value and potential as a channel for communicating with your customers and users. The precise data provided by email campaigns generated by professional Email Marketing software, has made this medium one of the communication channels that most companies and brands want to use. This is reflected by the large number of promotional emails we receive daily, and is where SMS campaigns become very important as a perfect complement to your email marketing strategy.

Why add text messages to your email campaigns?

It’s easy to think that SMS is a thing of the past but today, thanks to the presence of mobile devices in our daily lives, it presents a great advantage for brands. In addition, SMS is a medium that is not saturated and they are opened at a staggering 99% rate, right when they are received.

While sending text messages has a higher cost than email marketing campaigns, integrating an SMS campaign to your emails campaigns will allow you to increase the reach of your communication with your subscribers to promote special products, exclusive offers, and SMS exclusive discount codes at the same time, which will help improve your service and satisfy your users.  

Text messages are a bridge for communicating with your clients, and work in a similar way to email marketing; it is necessary to have a list of contacts that have given their prior consent which is one of the main rules to follow before planning an sms marketing campaign. Also, keep in mind the time at which you’re sending them as text messages are opened almost immediately, which makes them ideal for urgent messages. However, do not abuse the client's trust by sending SMS at times that are not appropriate.

When sent from SMS marketing platforms, these messages are usually sent from a short number, which means that your contacts will not know when the message is from your company. So always make sure  that they are stamped with your brand.

Consult our plan for sending SMS campaigns,  and learn more about our platform.


When to send an SMS campaign

Sending SMS can be done for many reasons, but some of these examples may give you a clearer idea of ​​what you can achieve by complementing your email marketing campaigns with SMS.

  • Promotion for small businesses

After sending an email campaign, you can select those who did not open the message and send them a special coupon. If in this case, it’s a special sale for a limited time, SMS is an ideal channel to communicate offers to your customers. It can also be the ideal complement.

  • Updates about events or appointments

After sending  a notice about your event, it is possible that there may be last minute changes. For practicality of time, it would be ideal to start an SMS campaign to communicate these changes to your contacts immediately. If your business is handled by means of appointment, it would be very useful to send a reminder to the clients who scheduled appointments from the registration form on your website. Applied in the same way as those who own a restaurant, you could send a reminder of the reservations to the clients who made online reservations. From Mailpro, you have the possibility to automate you SMS sending.

  • Call to action tracking

Strengthen your email marketing campaign by sending information via text message to contacts who have clicked on any of the links in the email. For example, if you have an online training course, you could send a reminder to those who clicked on the subscription link. Always remember that it is necessary to have previously requested the permission of the contacts in order to have access to their telephone data.

Access from a single platform

Conducting a multichannel campaign through email and sms is easier than you can imagine. From Mailpro we offer you the possibility of doing everything you need from a single platform.

Directly from our application, integrate an SMS platform in which you can instantly send and manage SMS campaigns. You can send text messages of up to 160 characters and easily import your lists of SMS subscribers from xls, xlsx or csv files.

Through the use of dynamic fields, you can personalize your text messages with information such as "customer name, last name, coupon codes, etc." You can also automate your deliveries to send messages on important dates such as birthdays, appointment reminders or monthly meetings.

As with email marketing campaigns, you have access to SMS statistics directly from our platform, where you will have graphic information that will help you measure the opening effectiveness of your SMS campaign.

With our platform, you can program your text messages in advance; a functionality which is not allowed in most SMS applications. From Mailpro, you can program SMS deliveries by choosing the date in advance and the time at which you want to send the messages.

From a single email marketing platform like Mailpro, you can easily access all the benefits that SMS campaigns give you as a complement to your email marketing campaigns.

Consult our Plans for sending SMS campaigns and start using Mailpro to complement your Email Marketing campaigns. Your marketing possibilities are endless.


Check the Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) and learn more about sending SMS







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