Access to technology has drastically changed the way vacation destinations are chosen. Most people can spend hours looking for hotel websites, travel agencies and airlines, and the right information for finding the best destination to go on vacation and especially the price that suits their needs. Email marketing for tourism has become a powerful and fundamental tool to attract customers.

Because of its ability to generate direct and personalized conversations, email marketing for tourism has become one of the main channels within tourism marketing developed by the industry.

No matter the size of the company within the tourism sector, you must have a strategically planned online presence and should always include email marketing in your strategy, as one of the tools for reaching your ideal customer. Be it an international signature hotel or a hostel in any part of the country, professional email marketing tools have solutions that adapt to every need.

Why is Email Marketing convenient for the tourism industry?

Many of the potential clients make their decision through internet searches. There are convincing reasons for choosing email marketing as the main channel of communication with clients:

  • Help capture quality leads, turn them into customers and brand ambassadors
  • Allows customers to keep up to date with information about reservations, purchase details and updates about their trip.
  • You can create relevant offers for each client based on the previous activity of your subscriber.
  • It is economical and ensures a high return on investment
  • Ensures a high opening rate.

Create an email marketing strategy for Travel and Tourism Industry

  • Segment your database

Use the information you collect from your contacts to generate a database segmented by the interests of your subscribers. Have you been successful in reaching your website through searching for information about beach, adventures, and reservation costs? Keep in mind that people interested in information about travel, tourist destinations or hotels are very likely to want to subscribe to obtain the necessary information, and that is where you should take advantage of the moment to capture as much information as possible. Acquire this information by including additional questions on your subscription forms such as favorite destinations, ideal vacation types, and thereby creating your subscriber segments.

  • Keep contact from the first moment

Take advantage of information requests about reservations to start a relationship with your future client. Trips can be planned a month or two in advance, so booking emails are a good opportunity to create a relationship with the client. It is important to maintain contact with the traveler during this time to provide additional information or services that may be of interest to them.

You can generate these emails automatically weeks or even days before the trip, including the reservation information and also offer reservations for other services that may be useful.

  • Alerts for special offers and discounts
  • Welcome email
  • Thank you emails

Many of the travelers invest hours on the internet looking for the best deals for trips therefore it is opportune that you send the contacts alerts with your company’s offers, conveying a sense of urgency that urges users to open the mail.

  • Send reminder emails

When it comes to customer loyalty, sending reminder emails is one of the most important tactics. In addition to including all the information about the next trip, you can include additional information such as destination guides or promotions about the attractive features of future destinations, offers with hotel discounts or points for loyalty programs, and create an email that has additional value that is relevant. Delivering additional information that complements what the customer is looking for, will always lead to a grateful customer and will indicate that your company is interested in offering a quality service.

  • Recovers inactive clients

Do not give up on those inactive customers, designing an email marketing strategy for tourism can help you reactivate the interest of those users. Create a segment of inactive customers and send them a campaign that reminds them of the services you offer or send them special offers to get their attention, the important thing is that they remain active and generate some type of conversion, such as downloading promotional material that may capture their interest and lead to a sale.

In case you do not get a return from them, it is valid to consider sending a campaign such as "We miss you" to ask the user if he / she still wants to be part of your subscriber list or leave it out of your emails.

  • Send interesting discounts and promotions

No matter the time of year, promotions and discounts always work. It is clear that close to the holiday season, offers are more effective, so take advantage of both high and low seasons to offer your subscribers discounts and exclusive promotions that can increase the chances of conversion.

The possibilities are endless, and more than enough to plan a solid strategy that is attractive to your customers and makes them click the reserve button.

  • Responsive emails as the main rule

It is essential that the design of the messages be responsive. Remember that a large volume of searches on topics related to the tourism industry is carried out through websites. Mobile devices are a fundamental part of that.

If you plan a campaign during the summer holidays, it is much more important to take into account the mobile users, as they will normally be outside their offices, therefore spending less time in front of the computers and more in front of their mobile phones. Design your responsive email thinking of that end users who will be flicking through their mobile phone during their free time.

  • Listen to your client

Brands that are destined to attract a clients’ attention rely on opinions. Take advantage of the contact that the client made to inquire about a reservation to your hotel, hostel or travel agency to find out their opinion about the quality of your services. This will help you make changes in your business but to also learn about their needs and opinions. Create surveys where they give you their opinion about the destination, or your service. Pay attention and send the surveys a few days after the purchase.

Take advantage of the opportunity to gain exposure, offered by tools such as Mailpro for the development of your Email Marketing for your Travel or .

Creating an email marketing campaign for tourism is one of the most dynamic tools you can have to build loyalty with the client who is interested in information about your travel agency, hotel, and airline. Undoubtedly, you can use the services of tools such as Mailpro in all the stages of the sales process your client is involved in; from an initial welcome greeting up to an experience survey.

If you need information about Mailpro, we will be glad to help you.


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