Have you ever stopped to think about what type of IP would be the most convenient to your emails? In this article, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each and you will soon be able to recognize which is the most convenient.


Before we start talking about which type of IP is the most convenient, you should know that IP means "Internet Protocol" and is basically a unique number that identifies a device that is connected to a network. The sending of emails is done through an IP address that is associated with the server with which the emails are sent. A fundamental factor for creating a good reputation as senders is the IP address, which will depend, to a large extent, on whether your messages reach the inbox of the recipients and don’t end up in the unwanted folder. The reputation of an IP address is calculated by different people involved in email marketing based on the statistics of the shipments, such as the opening and click rate, percentages of bounces rates and the rate of cancellation. All this data is taken into account and recognized in measuring the reputation of an IP.

Let's define what each is Dedicated IP and Dedicated IP Pool

  • Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP is an address used exclusively by a single sender. The reputation of this IP number would be completely your responsibility, so it is necessary to have good habits when sending emails- preventing them from falling into a blacklist. It is the email sender’s responsibility that the sending statistics are always the best possible, so that those involved in the process of sending an email recognize the IP as positive. To achieve this, an IP address warm-up period, must be conducted during the weeks prior to deliver, so that it is recognized as a legitimate sender.

You can read how to avoid falling into the blacklist and Spam folder in the Deliverability section of our blog.

  • Dedicated IP Pool

An IP Pool is an IP group that is assigned to Mailpro's clients for sending their emails. Maintaining an IP group is the best way to ensure that all your emails are delivered quickly, whether you send small or large quantity shipments. In terms of capacity, the servers will see a massive deliver from different servers as normal rather than one from the same IP, which may seem suspicious and affect the delivery rate. In addition, you should not worry about maintaining or monitoring the reputation of the IP, because behind each email delivery, a team of experts is keeping extremely vigilant, which is supported by our strict zero spam policy.

Advantages of dedicated IPs and Dedicated IP Pool

The selection of IP depends on the activity you have as a sender. What can be of advantage to some may be of inconvenience to others. A dedicated IP gives you control over your reputation, but if your deliveries have a variable frequency, they can be harmed by this type of IP.

Advantages of a group of dedicated IPs

  • Prices: robust servers are used in a shared manner, so their cost is usually cheaper.
  • Maintenance: It is not necessary to worry about the maintenance of the shared servers, since these are insured by the platform that provides the service.
  • IP Heating: From a group of dedicated IPs, it is not necessary to go through the pre-heating or warm-up process that must be undergone when sending with a single dedicated IP. When sending from a dedicated IP group, high-volume shipments can be made from the outset, benefiting from an established reputation as a sender.

Advantages of dedicated IP

  • Reputation control: as a sender, you can manage the reputation of your IP and take extreme care of good email marketing practices.
  • Exclusive use: maintaining a dedicated IP will not directly affect the quality of shipments that can be made by other senders, it can only be affected by the actions you perform individually.

Contact us to guide you with selection and the cost of IP's that best suit your needs.

Differences between dedicated IP and IP Group

From a dedicated IP, you will have a specific IP, but if you send large volumes, it may take much longer for your emails to be delivered. Just like if you make a first high-volume shipment without pre-heating your IP, these messages can go directly to the SPAM folder. So you must perform a warm-up process before each delivery. As we mentioned earlier, if you use a group of dedicated IPs this will not be necessary and you will be able to send high volumes without having to heat the IPs. Another big difference is the management of the reputation of IPs from a group of dedicated IPs. This will not be a major problem because our team of specialists ensure that each shipment is monitored closely, to avoid falling into a blacklist and to make sure that shipments are made at the same time without falling into SPAM folders.

For these reasons we recommend the use of Dedicated IP Groups so that you can be sure of each delivery you make.

Mailpro has a robust infrastructure in Switzerland that ensures the delivery of your emails. Delivering emails is our specialty. Know our plans and create your account today.


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Have you ever stopped to think about what type of IP would be the most convenient to your emails? In this article, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each and you will soon be able to recognize which is th...
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