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Mailpro’s Multi-User Account for Your Email Marketing Team to Work Efficiently


An email campaign involves many people, and everyone has different roles related to each other. To make a campaign successful, collaboration is the key and to make it easy, Mailpro introduces a multi-user account. This is one of the most effective email marketing campaign tools to collaborate with different teams in one account. In simple terms, if your email campaign involves more than one person and you want that your team to be on the same page, this is for you. Let’s know about it in more detail. 


What is Mailpro’s Multi-user account? 


Whether your team member wants to make some corrections or the client wants to see a real-time report, or several teams are working on a client email campaign, Mailpro’s Multi-user account has got you covered! The multi-user feature enables you to collaborate with your client, employees, colleagues, and other specialists to manage users, create beautiful templates, manage lists etc. 


With this account, multiple users can log in to the same account to do their job according to their permission level. This indicates you can maintain a single account to manage your entire marketing team, and there will be no misunderstanding due to transparency. You can give access to only statistics of your campaigns to your marketing team, but not access to the administrative part of the account.


What is Mailpro’s Multi-user account for?


Are you wondering for whom Mailpro’s multi-user account for? This is for everyone who works as a team in a campaign, for example:

  • Marketing agencies, where different teams are working with customer email marketing accounts.
  • SMBs where outsourced advisors assist the chief marketer.
  • Large enterprises where different teams work on email marketing activities of the team. 


How does it work?


There is no rocket science behind it. The account owner can allow multiple teams to work with Mailpro accounts. Each one of them has their unique username and password. As an account manager, you can assign different roles to different members. Moreover, you can also limit them to taking particular actions in your account and restrict them from accessing the most sensitive information such as account settings, billing information, and more. Let’s understand it more precisely.

  • Assign Specific Roles to Different Team Members


The multi-user account allows you to choose the level of access you want to grant each member. As an account manager, you can control what members can see and perform in the account, so everyone is clear of their roles. 

  • Manage Client’s Account in one Place


Mailpro makes running your marketing campaign a cakewalk. It allows you to connect with your clients on your own, allowing you to move accordingly when you need it. 


Benefits of Mailpro’s Multi-user Account

Mailpro’s multi-user account comes with a plethora of benefits. The following is the list of benefits.




Mailpro multi-user account allows you to create a team with different users for your email marketing activities. From employers, outsourced advisors and agency staff to web designers, marketers, copywriters and more, anyone can be a part of a campaign account with different permission levels. 



The account manager can create and edit email marketing campaigns only. No other users can access billing information and account settings. It means that privacy would never be at stake with Mailpro’s multi-user account. 


Team control and User Management


An account manager can track the users' progress, assign them new tasks, or ask for changes in the previous task. Moreover, in the staff turnover case, they will terminate the previous user account and add a new user. There is no need to transfer login details and risk any loss. 


Permission Management


The Account Manager has all rights to approve or reject the additional permissions by users. Moreover, an account manager is the one who can renew or demote permission levels of account users anytime. 


Sign-in to Mailpro Multi-user account now and Manage your Team in One Go


You can access the multi-user account by log into the Mailpro account and then clicking on the User Management section. In the same section, you can perform all activities with multiple users. You can create new users and then set up unique permissions for each one of them. It allows you to track the activities of sub-users and edit their permission levels. The account offers several options to organize your team tasks effectively. 


Final Words


Mailpro multi-user account manager has full permissions to make changes. However, sub-user accounts have restricted access. For instance, the account can be cancelled or closed only from the master account.


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