Published on: 03 September 2020

Considering the ROI generated through email marketing for various businesses, we can conclude that email marketing is here to stay. This is why we at Mailpro are working hard to meet our clients’ marketing demands. 

Digital marketing has undoubtedly taken a toll on various marketing strategies. Smart marketers have already gravitated towards digital marketing instead of traditional marketing strategies. 

However, with the current pandemic going on, we know it’s a challenging time. Most of the marketing strategies have failed, and many businesses have seen a decline in their services. 

To keep your business afloat, you need different marketing strategies to keep in mind your customer’s needs and requirements. For this, you need fantastic email marketing software that can help you say goodbye to all your marketing woes. 

Well, here are we, with the exceptional email marketing features with our new version.

We make sure that you can get the best of our services right from our home’s comfort. And, the good news is Mailpro version 9 has finally launched. Yes, you can now have access to all new and improved version of our email marketing software and increase your businesses’ ROI in no time.  

So, here is what we have improved.  

  1. Contact Management 

We acknowledge the fact that contacts are the heart of your email marketing strategies. Thanks to contact management, you can send super-targeted emails and personalized content to the right audience. 

We have improved contact management to help you optimize your time. With Mailpro version 9, you can now create tags, custom fields, and segments. It allows users to add custom fields such as name, date of birth, contact, etc. to contact for the better identification and organization of contacts. 

Users can even use the fields to create segments and send automated campaigns. 

Some more features of contact management are:  

  • Email Contact List:Get ready to choose the list in which you add the contact whenever you import new connections in the software. You can even delete contacts from a specific list without removing it from all the contact lists. 
  • Reports Importing:Mailpro allows its users to import the contacts, and our software will automatically manage duplicate, invalid, bad mails, and unsubscribed emails. 
  • Form Generator:Mailpro allows you to integrate a subscription form to your site to collect your customer’s information. With the form, you can even invite the visitors to subscribe to you. This will increase your contact list quickly as well as safely. 
  • Double Opt-In Subscription:No one wants invalid subscribers in their contact list. Mailpro enables its users to create a double acceptance form, which allows genuine subscribers to join the list. 
  • Unsubscription Management:Mailpro manages unsubscription automatically. The software will automatically include the unsubscribe list at the end of each email, so your list only has genuine and real subscribers. It will not only increase the efficiency of your campaign but also boost the ROI of your business.   
  1. Email Segmentation  

Segments are an essential part of email marketing. It is the tactic of dividing your email list into different sections to tailor unique and relevant messages to each segment. With email segmenting, you can separate contacts with similar conditions but in different lists. Isn’t it amazing? And, yes, this is what our latest version can do. 

Through email segmentation, you can rest assured that your emails reach the right person and at the right time. 

Email segmentation allows you to enable advanced search conditions. Now you can search for a contact in different segments without any hassle.  

With the new version of Mailpro, you can now create segments based on tags, fields, and activity.   

Here is why you must try our email segmentation feature. 

  • It helps you to maintain a robust email database. 
  • It prompts you to learn more about your clients. 
  • It boosts efficiency. 
  • You will get more engagement with your customers. 
  • It helps you create a brand image. 
  • It enables you to save money which you have otherwise spent on traditional marketing. 

Moreover, with Mailpro, you can now send milestone emails. It means you can send behavior-based emails to your loyal customers to keep them in the loop. It is a great tactic to pay heed to your existing customers’ demands so they keep on being your subscriber and buy from your site.  

  1. Introduction Of Tags 

Tagging is a step above the email segmentation. It will help you classify your contacts further. Tags are labels that are used to organize and categorize contacts and can quickly take your segmentation to another level.

Using Mailpro version 9, users can label their contacts using tags to identify them with a particular behavior or activity. Using tags, you can store extra information about your customers so you can target them with the right information. 

For example, you can segregate your contact based on tags such as a contact who doesn’t buy, who is a subscriber, and who buys it frequently. Tags in Mailpro are personalized, and you can create as many as you want. Besides, you can now give any number of tags to your contacts. 

Further, the new version allows you to filter the contact by specific tags. You can even create segments to send campaigns to contacts with the same tags but in the different contact lists. Not only will this optimize your time, but also make your email marketing campaigns a huge success. 

Users can also create an automatic action to add tags to their contacts after the specific behavior of the contacts.  

Wrapping Up 

So, this was all about the latest version of Mailpro. Our skilled and experienced team has strived to give you the best of email marketing. With Mailpro, you can get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, which, in turn, will boost your conversion rate. 

With so many new features, you don’t have to worry about a single thing in your email marketing campaign. 

Should you need any help with your email marketing strategy, get in touch with us! We, at Mailpro, will guide you happily throughout the whole procedure.

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