Do you want to activate email marketing campaigns but don't want to rely on Brevo? Introducing Mailpro, one of the best alternatives to Brevo that will certainly take your email marketing to a higher level.

We are aware of the potential of this sales technique, increasingly used over time by a huge number of companies; which is the reason why Mailpro wishes to better assist its customers by offering a complete service at reduced prices.

Putting the customer first

In today's online marketing universe, one of the most pressing issues is customer security, an issue  which every company must feel a genuine obligation to tackle. This is why Mailpro, unlike Brevo, offers a Service Level Agreement that effectively establishes contractual obligations towards customers immediately. In this way, they will feel completely safe in every respect.

A Service Level Agreement is essential for excellent email marketing campaigns and indeed constitutes an essential part of it. But alongside this important guarantee, there is another: Mailpro also boasts the presence of an anti-spam test, which is essential, to say the least,  in preventing emails from ending up in in your subscribers’ spam folder.

Have we not convinced you yet? Well, let's add another point to Mailpro’s corner, because with it, you will have an authentic digital "vault" in Switzerland for your data, preserved according to the strict regulations of the country.

Service Level Agreement

A low price: Mailpro is the cheaper alternative to Brevo

You know, when it comes time for people to choose a certain service, they’ll consistently look for the best deal, which Mailpro always tries to take in mind. This can be shown by our choice of not imposing limitations on any of our subscriptions, which is why we cannot rely solely on Brevo prices. Let's take an example: Brevo for free accounts offers a maximum number of emails that can be sent in a single day, while Mailpro, on the other hand, imposes zero limits on anyone.

Do you want to apply your logo or watermark to make yourself easily recognizable? Mailpro makes this possible starting from €10, while Brevo only grants it with the Bronze package for €23. The presence of a logo/watermark is fundamental in the world of marketing and above all email marketing, which today more than ever, requires a clear identification of its company. So what better way to get watermarks than by paying less?

Among the tools available to email marketers, there are advanced statistics, which allow the detection of the campaign's progress according to various indexes through specific data: who opened the email, who opened a particular link, the opening dates of the emails, the response rate, the platforms on which emails are opened and so on. Well, Mailpro includes this feature for all its account types including its free account, while Brevo includes it only for Bronze packages (therefore for a fee) or higher.

We warmly invite you to follow the link to the prices proposed by Mailpro, to be able to discover the payment methods, the prices according to your needs and anything else that could be of use to you.


Total customization for any campaign

One of the true strengths of Mailpro is the possibility to customize your email marketing campaigns in many ways, in order to guarantee both a heterogeneous and attractive service at the same time. An example? The most striking: Mailpro offers as many as 500 different templates to use for your emails, as opposed to the measly 100 offered by Brevo.

And there’s more: an excellent responsive newsletter building service, the indispensable double opt-in to guarantee bilateral consent to e-mail marketing registration, personalization of the campaigns via SMS (not present on Brevo) and much more.

Through the possibilities Mailpro affords its users, you can build excellent email marketing campaigns. One of the strategies to bring them to fruition in the best way, is precisely through variety and above all through serious professional quality work: after all, after conducting an anti-spam check, using a stunning template that only Mailpro can offer you and after implementing a well-characterized SMS, it will be impossible for your subscribers to be disappointed by your campaign!

Email personalization

Customer service? Yes, thank you!

We already said it before: it is Mailpro’s corporate mission to make the customer the focus, and for our team, the customer is always at the center of everything.  In this case, we are not just talking about the final customer who will receive the marketing campaign via email, but the client himself who decided to activate a subscription with Mailpro for his business.

As with any computer software, even Mailpro may not be free from technical problems, thus requiring the inevitable intervention of its team. This is why Mailpro has an excellent support service, which is conveniently housed on the respective frequently asked questions page.

However, direct contact with the team is often preferable, which is why Mailpro offers not only email support but also free chat and telephone support, which is totally free for any type of subscribed account. Unlike Brevo, which, instead, offers assistance only for paying accounts. In our opinion, this is how email marketing works: when the relationship between the customer and the service provided works flawlessly as well!

Customer service

Not only theory, but also practice: the Mailpro Academy is open to all

In addition to the classic service offered to those who subscribe, Mailpro also offers a completely digital academy, or in other words, a series of entirely online guides and video guides that will help you in learning email marketing.

Through this series of guides, you will be able to learn more tricks and strategies to use in your campaigns, with the additional benefit of being able to immediately apply all your learning to the field. The guides are entirely written or edited by the Mailpro team, experts on the field, so you can consider yourself in good hands.

Here are some examples: through the academy, you can learn to improve the deliverability of your campaigns, to use automated emails, to integrate Mailpro into your apps (if you were a developer), or simply to create your first newsletter. A small detail not to be overlooked: the academy can be freely consulted by anyone! No need for additional subscriptions or separate purchases: all that Mailpro wants to teach is openly available on the respective page.

We strongly believe that Mailpro is one of the best alternatives to Brevo, and we hope this article could convince you.


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