Newsletter Size Limit 

No, there is no limitation. However, the “size” should be as small as possible for easier reading.

Actually there are more and more people who access their email from their smartphones. The use does not want to spend more than 15 seconds waiting to download your email and to read it.

Optimize the size of your marketing emails.

When you send emails you are thinking: videos, images, animations, text… Except that all these have a weight. If bigger your email the more compromised will be the deliverability and your clients will find it difficult to open and read your email.

It is important to ensure that your newsletter is not too heavy, which refers to its size or the amount of data it contains. Here are some reasons why newsletters should not be too heavy:
  1. Slow Load Times: If your newsletter is too heavy, it may take a long time to load on certain devices or internet connections, which could cause readers to abandon it completely.
  2. Increased Unsubscribe Rates: If your newsletter takes too long to load or contains too much information, it may overwhelm some readers, leading them to unsubscribe from future newsletters.
  3. Poor Deliverability: Many email clients or service providers limit the amount of data that can be included in an email, so overly heavy newsletters can easily end up in spam folders or be blocked.
  4. Mobile Devices: With more than half of all emails being opened on mobile devices, it is crucial that your newsletter is optimized for mobile. Heavy newsletters may not display correctly or be difficult to navigate on mobile devices.
  5. Inefficient use of resources: Heavy newsletters demand more bandwidth, poor deliverability and higher unsubscribe rates leading to a lower ROI on email marketing campaigns.

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