Question : What type of SMTP Server to choose


Chosing the right SMTP server 

To chose the right SMTP server, you must take into account factors such as the location it’s housed in. In the case of Mailpro, its robust server network is located in Switzerland, a country with strict data security laws. This offers you important additional value because it assures you that all of your contacts’ information will be very well protected.

In addition, when sending from an SMTP server like Mailpro, you can count on a tool that completely analyzes the statistics of your transactional or commercial messages. This data is collected through the tracking of the links inserted in your messages. To make your information even more secure, all the links are shown to users in encrypted form so that they only see the necessary information.

Don’t forget that you will have the assistance of a customer support team dedicated to solving problems, and ensuring that all your messages are delivered.

By using Mailpro's SMTP Server, you can have the complete confidence of making your bulk deliveries without fear of being labeled as SPAM. Because we maintain strict IP revision standards, plus the ease of installing filters such as SPF, DKIM, all this is backed up by the location of our servers in Switzerland, where your data will be completely safe.

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