Do you use a CMS or CRM to send your transactional emails? ... Do you know how many messages are actually read by your recipients? Or how many clicks the links that you inserted in your content receive? All this valuable information is obtained through SMTP Message Tracking.

The tracking of messages sent through the SMTP Server is the method that allows you to obtain the statistics that show you if the recipient opened your message or clicked on the link that takes you to the proof of purchase of your online store.

This system is installed in each message that you send through our Mailpro platform by default, be it API or through the SMTP server. When you send invoices, payment vouchers or reservations from your platform or software through an SMTP server like the one offered by Mailpro, you can have access to the statistics of each sending to analyze and check the performance of your transactional emails.

SMTP Messages Tracking

How the SMTP Messages Tracking works?

The SMTP Message Tracking works by inserting an image pixel generated automatically by the system or by tracking the links you insert in the content of your message. Both methods are completely invisible to the recipient while also encrypted to protect all their information. When the server recognizes an action taken upon a link it is tracking, it will then generate the data for opening statistics, percentage of clicks, and the geolocation of each message.

You can see an overview of these SMTP server statistics in a section that is independent of the campaign statistics and thus check the effectiveness of your messages.

Be sure that your transactional messages arrive at their destination, integrating your platforms, software or applications to the SMTP Mailpro Server and enjoy the advantages of supporting a robust infrastructure with servers located in Switzerland, which ensures the complete security of your data.

See our accessible rates and start sending your transactional emails with Mailpro.

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