The coherent adjustment of technical solutions for sending messages, a real necessity

The SMTP server is responsible for performing the routing , the technical distribution of professional emails to the inboxes of the recipients in dialogue with the ISP. In order to ensure quality delivery of emails and to avoid bulk rejection of commercial messages by the various anti-spam devices, it must comply with a coherent configuration. The latter relies in particular on the presence of essential settings and on a correct adaptation to the policies of each operator of the Internet network.

The essential configuration of the SMTP server

Because the reputation and correct identification of the sender are the first steps in detecting a "spammer", it is important that the SMTP server used for email marketing campaigns shows consistent records. The fields to be checked correspond to the DNS and information related to the e-mail, such as the SPF and the DKIM. The use of one or more fixed IPs is also an excellent solution to capitalize on "good practices" of sending, allowing the ISPs to connect the sender to a history of healthy behavior.

The configuration of the SMTP server and the particularities of the ISPs

Beyond these unavoidable settings, it is necessary to adapt the configuration of the SMTP server to the technical particularities of each ISP. In order to limit the congestion of the Internet networks by "spam", the operators are very attentive to the volume sent and to the follow-up of their complaints. A wave distribution of the campaign is therefore necessary, as well as efficient collection and processing of ISP requests, under the risk of temporary and permanent blacklisting. A regular watch will guarantee at all times the quality of the emailings.

Fixed IP, support for correct delivery of newsletters and emails

To avoid sharing the responsability of bad email campaign users, it is better to bet on a fixed IP . It will be linked to your e-reputation, which you will then be solely responsible for.

The SPF, a standard of e-mail sending, and a measure against spam

A tool for checking and verifying the origin of e-mails transiting through the network, the SPF Reduces spam on the web effectively.

The DNS, the system for alloying IP addresses and domain names

Like a road leading from one spot to another, the DNS Allows to bind together an IP address of a server with a textual domain name. This identification is at the source of exchanges on the web.

What are the rules for EMAIL deliverability during an email campaign?

The deliverability corresponds to the capacity of the mail you produce to reach its recipients. A major challenge in the world of emailing. But what are its rules?

Compliance with the rules of the ISP when sending an email campaign

ISPs have every interest in protecting their customers from the abundant spam that travels on the web to anyone's attention. Respecting their rule allows to reach the prospect without risking to finish in the bin.

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