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Deliverability is at the heart of any email campaign. This term refers to the ability of emails to be properly transferred within a reasonable time frame. Deliverability therefore depends on a multitude of parameters, which will come into play between the mailing SMTP server and the recipient's inbox.

Many factors related to the deliverability of emails

Deliverability is a matter of technique and marketing at the same time. These two aspects must be considered before launching a campaign. Not only must the message arrive safely and in reasonable time, but it must also not be considered spam or unwanted. Each step of a mailing must therefore be carefully thought out to ensure a satisfactory result.

This deliverability is also closely related to the sender's reputation: too many badly received or spam classified emails can make ISPs (Internet Providers) suspicious. In the worst case, poor deliverability can put the advertiser on the "blacklist" of the ISP, which will prevent any form of emailing via their services.

How to Ensure a Successful Campaign

The advice most often given remains to exercise caution and reflection before a campaign. The sender must know the domain names and IP addresses used, as well as any additional precautions (such as an SPF procedure). All these data must also be easily communicable, in order to be able to demonstrate honesty.

Beyond the underlying systems, a few steps can be taken to ensure exemplary deliverability. For example, it is advisable to register an address like [email protected] which will be used to handle all spam complaints about the campaign. In the same perspective, the header of the email sent must be as complete as possible , to enable the recipient to know who is contacting him or her, and how. Finally, a clear email campaign must leave the choice to the target to unsubscribe easily.

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