How to comply with the services that assist in the transfer of messages

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) represent a necessary step for any sending of messages via SMTP servers . It is impossible to connect to the network without the permission of one of them. Respecting their rules and principles is thus not only a form of conformity to their service, but above all an obligation for anyone wanting to launch an email campaign.

ISP tools to evaluate emailing

ISPs have a certain duty in regards to quality towards their clients. One of their prerogatives is to detect spam senders and deny them access to inboxes. Knowing the factors taken into account by the ISPs avoids finding themselves on the "blacklist" (advertisers forbidden to send).

Most of the information collected by ISPs comes from the recipients themselves. If they regularly report a content as "spam" or remove it quickly, the affected provider will consider that these messages (and their sender) are harmful.

Un autre indicateur utilisé est le nombre d'e-mails arrivant sur des adresses e-mail inactives.

Compliance with ethical rules

ISPs are however not against advertisers and do accept marketing. The best thing to do is to ask your supplier to find out what the conditions are and to state what you want. Simply follow their rules when sending an email campaign.

The indicator examples given in the preceding paragraphs are common parameters and must therefore be regularly checked and updated (for example by removing the inactive addresses from the lists).

Finally, the content of a campaign should be targeted: by sending e-mails to people likely to be truly interested, the number of messages that end up in the trash can be drastically reduced.

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