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Create your first newsletter, step-by-step


With Mailpro™, create your first newsletter in a few clicks:


To use our newsletter tool:

1 Create a free Mailpro™ account
2 Sign in to your Mailpro™ account
3. Follow the instructions in the help module to create your first newsletter:

  • Create an address book
  • Import an EXCEL file (XLS, XLXS, CSV or VCF)or copy/paste your email addresses from Word, for example
  • In the "Messages" tab, create a new message
  • Click on "Newsletter Creator"
  • Easily place your elements and images (see video above)
  • After sending, go to the "Statistics" tab Evaluate the success of your email campaign

Do you want more? You can also use our standard newsletters editor:

Watch our training videos , each step is illustrated in detail.

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