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How to choose the best Email Campaign Strategy?

Developing a good email marketing campaign strategy is important if you want to be sure your email marketing campaigns are successful. 

The main objective of the campaign is to be profitable without too much trouble since it should be easy to use. Of course, any advertiser wants to have the best strategy. Here are some tips. When it comes to e-mail campaign, the first thing you have to do is to get a professional email solution that will ensure you a good deliverability with the help of a reliable network. Moreover, an Email Marketing Solution enables you to manage the entirety of your campaign and your contacts lists, which is very easy if you follow our advice. One of the pieces of advice that is the most frequent in our articles is the customization. Nowadays, you cannot perform an email campaign without personalizing it. You may think it is time-consuming but personalizing is the essential aspect of your email campaign.  After a while, your email campaigns must follow a guideline, also called a strategy. This strategy must be defined according to various aspects:

  • The main objective: achieve turnover, increase the contacts database, and increase the rate of conversion…
  • The target: the target depends on the objective: all your potential customers, some of your contacts…
  • The products / services to put forward : since they depend on your target, they must be chosen accordingly
  • The competition: depending on your business sector, you will have to take the competition into account and to adapt yourself.

When we think about the strategy, both the content and the style are equally important. The design of your newsletter or email campaign must be adjusted to its content and its readers. We remind you that the users of Mailpro, e-mailing software, can find free newsletter templates on for different topics.

- Make sure you always send quality content to your audience: there is nothing more annoying than receiving uninteresting newsletters. Most of us tend to unsubscribe whenever we receive irrelevant content. Sending irrelevant content to your audience will increase your unsubscribe rate, will decrease your opening rates, will decrease your click rate. 

- Personalize your newsletters: personalizing your newsletters will not only make your audience feel special, but, it will also help you pass spam filters. We have gotten used to personalizing everything! Our clothes, our services, and we expect to receive personal emails. With the right email marketing solution, it´s easy to personalize your newsletters. 

- Segment your Audience: segmenting your audience will help you communicate effectively! By segmenting your audience, you make sure to communicate only pertinent information to each of your segments. 

- Make sure you have a great newsletter subject line.  Did you know that your subject line should create empathy so that your audience will actually open your email? Subject lines are extremely important.  They should have between 40 and 70 characters and they should be direct.  Feel free to use Emojis to incite people to open your newsletters and lastly, avoid using Spam words such as free, or work from home. 

- Use curiosity to incite customers to click on your newsletter. You need to find a way for your audience to feel curious, interested in opening your newsletter.  Make sure to also have emotional triggers inside your newsletters.

- Save time using automatic triggered emails. Automatic emails can set whenever a person clicks on a newsletter, or to welcome them, or for their birthdays. This is a great way to save time and personalize your sending. 


As you can see there are a couple of factors to take into consideration when creating your email marketing campaign. However, if you follow those simple tips you will have a great email marketing campaign which will bring you amazing results such as high opening rates and an engaged audience.


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