Do you know what is one of the major challenges in email marketing campaigns nowadays?

Perhaps, it is not the emails opened or deliverability rate, but recipients to take action and click on email campaigns once they open and read the email content.

That is called ‘the click-through-rate.’

Most email marketing professionals struggle with low click-through rates.

In fact, almost all email marketers struggle with it and want to increase it. One of the major problems most email marketers struggle with is the curiosity gap.

 So, before we start, let us make sure we are all on the same page.

What is Email Click-Through Rate?

Email click-through or email CTR is no rocket science. It is basically the ratio of click-on links in the campaign emails. In simple words, the number of subscribers clicked on any of the links you send them via a marketing email is known as Click-through-rate.

 Let’s say if you sent an email campaign to 1000 people, and 20 people clicked on the links you sent, then your click-through rate would be 2%.

 If the impressions are higher in number and your CTR is below average, it means either your ad is not appealing enough, or you have targeted the wrong keywords.

 So, where is the problem?

 The problem is your emails inability to provoke curiousity.  

 Of course, if your email content is not compelling or doesn’t make your visitors engaged, no recipients will click on it. The lack of curiosity gap is one of the major issues in email marketing campaigns, and it is important to cover this gap.

Mailpro is one of the leading email marketing software providers that help you customize your email marketing campaign while providing an ideal curiosity gap on your email marketing campaign that improves click-through-rates.

 It implements a curiosity gap in your email marketing campaigns by taking advantage of your audience's curiosity and persuading them to click on the links within your email.

 Keep in mind; if you do not give your audience a strong incentive to click through, they won’t even be interested in opening your email.

 The curiosity gap arouses your audience's interest by making them informed of something exciting they don't know and then presenting them what your subject line says.

How Curiosity Gap helps Improving Click-Through-Rates

So, here comes the main question- how the curiosity gap helps improve click-through-rates?

Getting your audience hooked at first glance is the main challenge of email marketers. Creating an action-provoking subject line is the most crucial part of an email. It should build a curiosity gap and be filled by clicking on the link within the email.

To ensure that emails end up in the readers' primary inboxes, Mailpro implements the most useful tips.

By periodically creating powerful Call-to-actions, personalized questions, and more, Maipro ensures to put themselves in the subscriber’s shoes to know them better and create a customized email marketing campaign that increases their clicking frequencies.

The following are the ways to create a curiosity gap on your email marketing campaign to improve their click-through rates. 

●      Leverage Emotional Triggers

  When you determine the exact emotion suitable for your audience, make sure your audience feels something when they open your email.

 If your email content has touched recipients' emotions, they will surely click on the link, and thus, your CTR increases.

●      Give Respect to your Readers

 One of the best ways to maintain your credibility is by giving respect to your readers. For that, delivering permission reports is crucial. The subject line is the initial impression that arouses the recipients' curiosity, enabling them to take action.

 Sometimes it might be no use to them, but as it is so appealing and pushes their curiosity button, they can't resist opening it.

●      Focus on Content Quality

No filler, no fluff content! That is a basic rule of email marketing campaigns. While most content writers understand the value of quality content, they often miss the mark when writing content for email marketing campaigns where click-through-rate is the lifeline.

For creating a curiosity gap, make sure you have 4-15 characters catchy subject lines that make readers click on the email, read it, and click on the link within the email. The main content should focus on the factors that they can relate with and the link to get the final solution they are looking for.

●      Send Mail on the right time

If you want to increase your CTR by 15%, you have to send an email marketing campaign at the right time. The best day to send an email to get the highest CTR is Monday and Tuesday, whereas the worst day is Saturday. Finding the right time when people open, read, and take action is crucial. It is known as CTO or clicks to open rate. The best time to send an email that maximizes your open rates, as well as click-through rates, is before and after working hours (daytime).

Undoubtedly leveraging the curiosity gap has many benefits such as:

  • Increases page traffic and views
  • Make content the next viral hit
  • Increase brand’s credibility and awareness
  • Encourage more engagement in paid ads

Boosting open email rates and click-through rates can be a process of  trial and error for most businesses. That’s why MailPro makes it simple. With the state-of-art online marketing software, Mailpro helps create a perfect newsletter and email marketing campaign, keeping curiosity gaps in mind.

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