Reservation of a contact file, a simple way to increase the effectiveness of commercial messages

Despite his or her marketing efforts, a sender of email marketing campaigns will sometimes be confronted with a prospect file too thin for sending messages as is. To solve this difficulty, rental  of contacts  from specialized stakeholders is a possibile option. Faced with the multiplicity of offers and to optimize the budget of this operation, it is necessary to check 2 essential points: the reservation of addresses strictly respecting the regulations and the qualification of the data provided.

It is important to contact us before routing a rented file because it very often resembles SPAM and requires precise control on our part.

Renting addresses while respecting the laws on email marketing

To ensure a satisfactory rate of deliverability during an email campaign, it's important that the provided rented file contains only collected addresses that conform the the law on privacy. The methods of collection must be carried out through an opt-in process, with the prior consent of the recipients, who will also have to approve any transfer or assignment of their electronic contact details to third parties. Before any booking of a list, do not hesitate to question the provider on this subject, which has a direct link with the fee claimed.

Have segmented addresses

Faced with the amount of contacts available at some brokers, often over 20 million, qualifying your audience is crucial to optimize the cost of the rental of files. This solution results in a higher initial price for the prospect but allows to effectively achieve the marketing objectives and ensures a correct return on investment. To define the essential criteria of addresses, knowing precisely the target clientele and their behavior presents a clear advantage. The service provider may also make his or her experience available to the sender.

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