The storage of addresses for the sending of commercial messages is strictly regulated by the law

In order to protect the privacy of citizens, French legislation lays down strong conditions for the nominative data files , which can reveal the identity of an internet user and of which his or her e-mail address is part. Consequently, the different components of emailing - collecting leads and sending messages - must comply with the law, organized around two main rules: a declaration of the information collected and an obligation to inform recipients.

A reporting requirement for email file lists

According to the legislation of January 6 1978, any organization or company wishing to create a personal data file must make a prior declaration to the CNIL, irrespective of the final use of e-mail addresses. In particular, it must specify in a form the opt-in terms of the collection, the details of the information requested and the storage objectives. If it contemplates a transfer of data to third parties, it will also have to obtain the free and informed consent of the prospects on this subject.

An information requirement for email file lists

The owner of the file must also ensure that the rights of access and information of each individual involved in the collection and storage are respected. It is It is strongly recommended to remind the user of these provisions of the legislation when collecting his or her address and in the last lines of each message sent, mentioning also the contact details of the department responsible for the management of personal data in the organization. European regulations stipulate that any request for the withdrawal, modification or cancellation of registered items must be processed within 30 days.

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