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Email Marketing Software for e-commerce

An Email Marketing Software for your prospecting

An online shop develops its clientele through newsletters

In the multitude of online shops, how to maintain your loyal customer base and encourage them to continue making regular purchases at your e-commerce store? Among useful tools, newsletters and emailing campaigns serve are the reference. Cost effective, providing a positive ROI and taking little time, they allow to maintain the connection with your visitors. And our software is there to simplify your task.


E-commerce and emailing campaigns

A shop must be vibrant to regularly attract new customers. Promote new products, make attractive offers, announce sales, talk about end-of-stock merchandise or offer products complementary to a placed order. Easy to do thanks to our interface and easy to manage with our plugin dedicated toPrestashop andMagento , your mailing will allow you, in a few clicks, to send a quality newsletter to a targeted and responsive audience.


Our software at the service of e-commerce

Our user interface does not require any programming skills. It allows a complete customization in just a few clicks. Adding your product photos, highlighting an offer or sending an op-ed piece, nothing is simpler with Mailpro.

For the management of the address database, the most complex tasks are automated to prevent all handling errors. Thus, the unsubscribe links, mandatory by law, are automatically inserted and managed internally. Bad addresses will be sorted and pulled from the main lists to avoid repeated referrals that make ISPs suspicious.

Finally, Mailpro provides a fantastic analysis table of your campaigns. How many prospects opened the mail? What did they click on? What is the success rate of your campaign? All the information revealing exactly how the user has received and interpreted your mail will be provided to you. A very valuable help in an email campaign.

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