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The great difficulty for each municipality is to maintain the highest rate of satisfaction of their constituents. To do this is good, but communicating is better. To allow their fellow citizens to subscribe to a newsletter that you will easily produce on our site thanks to the Mailpro software is an undeniable asset.

Municipality email marketing, an administrative force

Real comfort, when living in community, is to be able to be kept informed of what concerns us without having to seek the information. The administrative newsletter is an important asset in the life of a fellow citizen. But faced with the difficulty for municipalities to master such tools, both graphically and technically, many are deprived of this mode of communication which is so effective. Today, many municipalities do a remarkable job but in many cases their constituents know only half the soty. However, how much savings could be made in terms of communication if a complete mail address database was exploitable and that all you had to do is to go through our site to create a magnificent professional newsletter in only a few minutes?

When a municipality uses the software Mailpro to communicate

Imagine the potentialities of a newsletter aimed at the consituents of your municiplaity. When a new decision has been made, a project begun, a new service opened, you will only have to come to the mailpro site and choose a theme corresponding to your information, add images and text, choose a recipient list and press send.

Better yet, if you hesitate between options, you can create an online poll that you'll include in a newsletter and invite your constituents to vote on the choices.

You can publish op-ed pieces, explanations of your management choices or announce the new business men and women practicing in the city. Everything your fellow citizens want to know about their city's management will finally be available in their mailbox on a regular basis.

Mailpro takes care of providing you with an online software so simple and intuitive that you will produce newsletters in extreme ease with an irreproachable appearance to give credit to your content. Test our service for free!

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