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Selling real estate is not as easy as it sounds. Not only does the market fluctuate and influence buyers, but competition is fierce and your catalog is likely to drown in the mass of available properties. To prospect effectively, nothing beats an email campaign. Real estate agencies can then, through their newsletters, present their latest offers to an interested group of prospects. And our site is here to help you with our easy and intuitive online software.

The email campaign for a real estate agency, seducing prospects

Your offerings need to be broadcasted to find the customer who will appreciate them. For this, email marketing campaigns are particularly interesting. Inexpensive and easy to set up, they allow to quickly and efficiently reach a large number of targeted prospects. They're also ideal for maintaining customer loyalty and thus contribute to its reputation, newsletters can allow you to announce some new services, such as new offers. The ewsletter is an indispensable tool for real estate agencies, and with Mailpro, its creation and distribution become very easy.

What our software can do for your email marketing campaigns

Mailpro wanted to offer a very simple and intuitive -- but powerfull -- creatiion interface. Thanks to our free themes, you can choose a template that suits you and fill it with your images and texts in a few moves. Our address file management is among the best on the market. It provides management of duplicates, unsubscriptions, IASPs, badmails. Your e-reputation will be well protected with every mailing. Explore our service for free by subscribing to Mailpro.

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