Mailpro allows you to integrate your website, application or ECommerce in different ways, those being SMTP Relay or API. Depending on the needs of your business or the features of the application or platform you use, you can choose one of the two.

Main advantages and differences between SMTP and API


Simple installation

One of the main advantages of the connection through SMTP, is the ease of installation. To use the SMTP Relay Mailpro server, all you have to do is configure the SMTP password and user credentials that you will find in the configuration of your Mailpro account.

Allows connection to any application

You can connect your CRM, CMS, Ecommerces and more, simply by configuring the user credentials and password to activate sending through SMTP.

Don’t need to integrate complex codes

You will not need code knowledge to integrate your applications with the SMTP Mailpro server. Simply modify the settings of your email or software to point to our SMTP server.

Sending Statistics

The SMTP Relay Mailpro system offers statistics for each message sent through the SMTP server. In this way, you can have the certainty of each delivery and know the behavior of your customers. You will know which messages are considered as bounces and if they are classified as Hard Bounce or Soft Bounce. 


The use of SMTP or APIdepends completely on your needs, and also on the capacity of your application, website or e-commerce.

Some Advantages

  • APIS in general have a better delivery speed as there is less back and forth required between servers.
  • Less Chances of Potential Failure of your message
  • Extra level of security with API Key, that only your website, application or platform can access.
  • APIS are accepted by most firewalls when using HTTP


  • You need programming knowledge to configure and execute the shipments
  • API requires constant modifications and updates to be up to date

 The SMTP Relay Service can be used to connect applications, such as Outlook or your current CRM Software while APIs are usually used by people developing their own application.

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