Question : What is a Double opt-in Subscription?


Learn about Double Opt-in Subscriptions

Double opt-in is an email subscription in which the subscriber will acknowledge twice that he/she wants to receive your emails.

The subscriber will first fill the form on your website with his/her email address (Opt-in) and will then receive an email in which he/she will have to again click to acknowledge.

Mailpro lets you easily create an online form for your subscribers to let you know they want to receive your newsletter. Then we will send them an automatic email in which they will have to click and verify again that they want to receive your newsletter.

We will store this proof of consent for you inside your address books in fields 24 and 25.

According to the new General Data Protection Regulation, it is imperative that you get proof of consent for your subscribers.

Read more about GDPR, How to get Double Opt-in subscriptions.

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