Get to know your audience better and be sure that all your transactional emails arrive at their destination, by tracking the performance of your emails through the Mailpro SMTP server.

One of the advantages you will have when using the Mailpro SMTP Server Statistics, is that the tracking system allows you to collect the statistical data of each transactional message that you send.

All emails sent through the SMTP server will have a general overview of statistics, where you can observe the behavior of openings, percentage of clicks, geolocation and platform from which your emails are opened. You can also analyze the bounce rate of your emails, thus identifying those that are considered as Hard Bounce or Soft Bounce.

SMTP Email Tracking

SMTP Server Statistics are not usually enabled on common servers or platforms that are not intended for professional handling of large volumes of emails.

Mailpro offers this functionality to ensure that each user can have statistical registration of emails sent through SMTP; a  service which will be useful for customers who want to make deliveries from their CRM, CMS, ECommerce, management software or any platform that can be easily configured to the SMTP Mailpro server and which allow you to check the results of your messages.

The SMTP Server Statistic analysis is collected through a tracking system that is activated by default in the settings of the SMTP server. You can review them independently for the statistics of campaigns, under the SMTP tab that you will find in the Mailpro campaign manager.

 If at any time you wish to deactivate the tracking of your statistics, you can do it manually from the administration panel.

Take control of the delivery of your transactional emails by following the opening ratios, the total number of contacts that received your message and also learn about what are your best click rates with SMTP Server Statistics.

Enjoy secure delivery of your transactional messages using our SMTP service.

Learn More about how SMTP can benefit your business.

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