Question : Where do I find the SMTP authentication credentials in Mailpro


Find the SMTP authentication credentials in Mailpro

Mailpro SMTP Relay Server allows you to send emails directly from the email client of your choice (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc) or from any platform or application that allows the SMTP relay connection.

To send emails from your email client or program, you just need to change the SMTP settings to be directed to the SMTP Mailpro Server.

To enable SMTP certification credentials, you must go to the Configuration - SMTP section in your Mailpro account.

In SMTP configuration, you can find the parameters for:

SMTP Server Name


Maximum limit of mail

In SMTP Authentication, you will have access to your Username and Password, and from there you can copy and paste it directly into the application or program you are using.

You will be able to generate a new password to configure further integration, and you will also have the option to activate the subscription link or deactivate the statistical tracking.

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